Daily Nugget of Gold 864

Daily Nugget of Gold 864


Purity of the Heart


What are your goals in life, what do you consider to be the most important things you’d like to accomplish?  For many people, we think, when asked what they want will name earning (or perhaps, even winning) a large amount of money or at least what that money might purchase for them.  A change in lifestyle is so inviting, isn’t it?  We tend to believe that large amounts of money would might solve all of our problems, don’t we?  At least we would be able to arrive at our problems in luxury!


It’s been pointed out by many successful people that when we reach a big goal, that the goal itself is actually less important than what we ourselves become in the process of getting there.  The goal is the catalyst for the changes we need to make within ourselves to become worthy of wealth that we would like to receive.  Let”s pause here, this is something to give more thought to, this is something to ponder for a while. Stop reading for a few minutes, if you will, and think.


Did you do that?  Did you spend a little time turning that concept over in your mind?  If you haven’t, please do.  If you have, let’s continue.  This mission the author has here is about helping people understand the operation of The Law of Attraction and how it relates to success in general.  If when we set a big goal, the most important thing are the changes within ourselves we must make in order to achieve that, what does that tell us?  That’s what the highly successful people have said and continue to say about this process.  That is profound.


Let’s ask a question here: If the most important thing is the kind of person we become when we are focused on accomplishing something significant, then in order to achieve truly great things in life, where is it we want to center our attention?  The point we are trying to make is that our time is best spent in making sure our motives are based on love and pure, that we become within our heart of hearts a person worthy of whatever goal we’d like to achieve.  We’d be addressing the main reason we should wish to accomplish something great, and by purifying our hearts we will attract to us whatever help we need along the way.


Purifying our hearts requires more work than many folks might think.  To do so, we want to cast out hatred and envy.  We want to rid ourselves of bitterness and being judgmental.  By accomplishing things like that, and by carefully insuring that our emotions stay focused on the positive things in life, we will more readily attract and assemble those people we need to help us see our vision through.  It’s about what we become, far more than what we get.  That said, receiving what we earn is nice, too.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do right now to begin purifying my heart and my thoughts?”


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