Daily Nugget of Gold 866

Daily Nugget of Gold 866


The Ultimate Domain of Happiness


We often hear that words have the power to inspire or that words have the power to hurt, and this is all very true.  What we say does indeed have an influence, good or bad.  We should be very responsible with what we choose to communicate- both verbally and non-verbally.  Part of making sure we do as little harm to others involves what we allow ourselves to think.  If we are thinking either unkind or judgmental thoughts about another, those thoughts might cross our lips or be put on display through a look, an intonation, or gesture.  All of this being said, let’s look at the other side of this- let’s look at ourselves for when we are the recipients of such words or communicated thoughts through these or other means.


While what we hear has the power to influence us, that power is absolutely limited to the extent that we allow it to exist.  This stuff isn’t easy.  No one enjoys being the target of someone else’s scorn, ridicule, judgmental attitudes or worse.  The fact remains, when all is said and done, we get to choose how we are going to feel about anything.  In his insightful book, “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind”, Doctor Joseph Murphy  gave an example we can view as to how this is true. If we were a passenger on a ship, and someone came up to us and said that we were not looking well, that they thought we might be getting seasick, whether or not that was true- we might be inclined to believe it, especially if it was the first time we sailed. 


On the other hand, if someone presented that same thought to a seasoned sailor, he or she might either be annoyed or laugh it off, depending on their temperament.  The remark actually has no power in and of itself, you see, except to the extent and depth we allow it to have.  We do weigh what is said by others before we choose to believe or disbelieve whether their observation is true, so we already exercise this ability to measure a comment, we just want to get better at it so that we can keep ourselves in a happy, balanced, and productive state of mind more often.  Remember, it’s our emotional state of mind which triggers the response from The Law of Attraction, so even faking being nice is no help if we are churning with hurt or anger under the surface.


The work involved here is this: We want to become experts at staying in that happy, positive, joyous state of mind as much as possible.  It’s in that state that The Law of Attraction quickly brings us what we desire.  Staying focused on our purpose in life, the work that we’ve found that we love doing, helps greatly in accomplishing that objective. 


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to get better at handling critical comments?”


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