Daily Nugget of Gold 867

Daily Nugget of Gold 867


Noticing When it’s Happening


One of the most powerful tools you can have to intensify the affects of The Law of Attraction is to be sure to notice when it’s working.  This is easier said than done, the author here sometimes misses things entirely, chalks them up to coincidence, or accidentally credits them to some other factor. “If The Law of Attraction is working”, you may ask, “then why do I need to pay attention to the fact that it’s happening?” That’s a great question, we’re glad you asked! Um, it’s kind of complicated.  Let’s look at it.


Unlike the laws of gravity, electricity, physics, thermodynamics, etc.- this law has an added element, a mental dimension which we might or might not be engaging and this mental element has everything to do with whether it will work for us.  The thing we are speaking of here is “belief”. The movie about The Law of Attraction, The Secret, described this as a three step process.  They said the three steps are “Ask, Believe, Receive” and ran into some criticism about leaving out “Act”, more specifically, “When you receive intuitive thought, act upon it”.  Yes, they did mention that- once.  Needless to say, “Belief” was an essential step that they DID list.  Right there in the middle.


Belief is expectation. Belief is faith.  Faith, you may recall, is mentioned in a rather famous book in reference to moving mountains.  Few people have the amount of faith in what they desire that would be sufficient to move a mountain, so few mountains actually get moved.  Maybe that’s because people just don’t desire to move mountains around so much, that could be true, too.  We believe that speaking of things on that scale was intentional and not at all metaphorical.  We think that the reference to moving mountains was specifically made to help people understand the unlimited potential of positive thought blended with absolute faith.


Anyhow, it would really be helpful to us all that we notice even tiny events that happen because we had expected that they would and kept ourselves in the correct state of mind during their unfolding.  Each time we notice such events happening, we build our faith, and building our faith allows us to use this great law more- and for our benefit.  We said “correct” state of mind because this can refer to those negative things that happen when we are in a negative state, emotionally, and something which was feared came to pass.  When that happens, it is useful for us to observe that our thoughts may have had a role. Knowing that negative things might develop from negative thinking, it makes it easier to keep our minds on the positive, too.  Be on the lookout for when something just came to be when you thought of it. Mark it down, observe it, and build your faith.  Then you can set about the business of having more things happen because you intended them to.  With faith.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do today to build my faith?”


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