Daily Nugget of Gold 868

Daily Nugget of Gold 868


Obesity and Wealth


We’d like our readers to do a little thinking on this topic, and it may seem to be a strange one at first, but bear with us as it unfolds.  We think there is possibly an interesting connection with our level of relative wealth and the incidence of obesity and that by developing a deeper understanding of the issue and the role that The Law of Attraction is likely playing in all of this, we may spare ourselves of some of the agony associated with that condition.  For those of you who aren’t aware, the author speaks from the heart on this- while he’s been afflicted with the same problem all his adult life, he is making significant and lasting progress now using hypnotherapy to overwrite many of the accepted “truths” which makes weight loss so difficult for so many.  That’s not our topic, today, however- today we’re going to look at that other aspect of the problem.


Have you ever thought why it is that the poorer classes in a country like The United States have a higher than normal incidence of obesity, or how even the middle class seems to be inflicted with this problem to a significant, yet lessor degree?  Or how it is that the so-called 1%, the elite, seem to have less still?  Or how about comparing those rates to the rates of other countries?  It seems that the poorer we are, the more we suffer from this in the US, and that other nations- for the most part- are exempt.


We’re thinking that maybe there is a relationship here because of the perception of living in a country of vast wealth, yet possibly the greater population might be believing that they aren’t obtaining the wealth they want or think they deserve.  Oh, there could be many other factors, and we’re not making light of them, but let’s remember that obesity is a survival mechanism which will insure that in the times of famine that some will survive it.  Historically, there has always been a certain percentage of obese people, true?  Remember that what we emotionally see leaves an impression on our subconscious mind and if we are perceiving that we are “poor” when the many of the rest of the people around us are perceived to be “wealthier”, we may be triggering that survival mechanism.


As students of The Law of Attraction, we also understand that fear of poverty will bring the condition of poverty upon us, for whatever we focus on in an emotional way will be our experience.  Poverty, oddly enough, in the US, seems to create the larger prevalence of obesity.  Personally, we never thought we feared poverty, but the evidence before us is, we did.  Now, in truth, there is a great blessing in our having been obese all these years.  We have a tremendous opportunity to take what we’ve learned and help others overcome their difficulties.  We’re so confident on that, we don’t mind a bit to declare our battle over. Oh, we’ve got many pounds to go yet, but there is no struggle anymore.  None.  We wish upon those of you afflicted in this way the same happy result.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What role doe The Law of Attraction play in what I see happening today?”


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