Daily Nugget of Gold 869

Daily Nugget of Gold 869




This topic may surprise some folks at first, but as we get into it, we’ll see why this is an important one in regards to having The Law of Attraction work more in our favor than against it.  We’re talking about the idea of feeling or believing that we deserve what we desire.  There are a couple of reasons why this is crucial and we’ll see if we can shed a little light on that.  One obvious one is that if we don’t believe we deserve something, then it seems we are already negatively focused away from receiving it on the face of things.  There is this inner set of “justice scales” inside us that weigh things like this. They are what makes us uncomfortable when someone bestows a large gift upon us, or does some absolutely huge favor for us.


Thinking we deserve what we desire is important because we then open the door for it in our hearts.  We literally will “allow” what we deserve to come into our lives, but if we don’t think what we desire is deserved, we’ll unconsciously block it or sabotage our own efforts somehow. Deserving is tied closely with expecting in this regard, and while most students of this law may understand that they must expect what they want to be delivered in order for it to be manifested, many don’t get that failing to believe they deserve it can block that from happening.


The feelings we have about whether or not we deserve something are just that- feelings- emotions, if you will.  The Law of Attraction is all about that emotional flavoring we have to any given thought.  Thought devoid of emotion doesn’t exact a reaction from The Law of Attraction, that’s not how it was designed to work. 


So what if we don’t believe we deserve what we want?  What can we do to gain this emotional requirement if it’s not present?  We can either do a better examination of the positive things we think about and do to benefit others- often times we get into the habit of really shortchanging ourselves on this- or we can make a much more proactive effort on helping others.  The most modestly priced way of doing this for those of us who lack monetary wealth is to help others feel genuinely good about themselves.  Sure, it’s not always easy, but the way to begin down this path is to try and cut out our fault-finding efforts and move to a better place- finding what’s praiseworthy and making sure we don’t miss all those opportunities we get daily to bestow it. Just remember that The Law of Attraction is based on emotion, and in order to get what we want, we should make sure that all of our emotional makeup, our passion, is in line with getting what we desire.  You DO deserve it, but you must feel that way in order for it to happen.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do today to boost my feelings that I deserve what I want?”


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