Daily Nugget of Gold 870

Daily Nugget of Gold 870


Expanding Our Vision


It’s an odd thing.  We often say we want more money or we would like a better lifestyle, but few of us take the time to specifically formulate exactly what it is we supposedly desire.  The Law of Attraction responds to our emotional connections with the things we desire, but how could it do that if we have no such emotional connections, because we haven’t even decided exactly what it is we want.  How do we want something with a burning desire if we don’t know what it is yet?


We are thinking that the difficulty here is we have come to equate difficult and hard work with setting a goal.  It’s true having a goal will help you become motivated to do hard and difficult work, but that’s really not the subject of today’s installment.  We are talking about having The Law of Attraction bring you what you desire.  Part of that process is definitely getting clear on exactly what it is and focusing in on building up your your appetite and expectation for receiving it.  If there is work to be done, if you must act in order to have it happen, it should be something you are doing because you feel called to do it.  The work should be a labor of love, something you enjoy along the way.


So how do we expand our vision?  We do it by looking around and trying to spot exactly what we want.  If we want a better house, we should be actively shopping for it.  We want to be looking at listings and visiting various homes.  If we want more luxuries, maybe we should get ourselves acquainted with them by getting some magazines devoted to that kind of lifestyle.  It’s okay to attach a dollar figure to what you wish to earn in a year, two years, or five years-but you don’t have to know exactly how that’s going to happen.  You SHOULD decide where the money is going to go, however, because this creates a need and expectation on your part for it to come about.


It’s helpful to be involved in a labor of love, in fact- that was named specifically by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich as one of life’s true riches.  Most people wouldn’t name that as something they think of as wealth- but think about it.  If you are doing what you truly love to do, then it is so much easier for you to be happy right where you are today.  That happy state of mind is the conveyor belt that will bring your other desires.  Doing what you love to do also opens up the spring of ideas from Infinite Intelligence in the the way of intuitive thought.  As you incorporate them into your mission, you will be propelled by that irresistible combination of faith and expectation towards whatever goals you set.  Don’t fear setting goals, this is the fun stuff to do.  Do it with excitement and joy in your heart.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do right now to get clear on what I truly want?”


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