Daily Nugget of Gold 871

Daily Nugget of Gold 871


The Trappings of Negativity


Call it human nature, or maybe a strange affliction, but it seems some folks just love the negative take on things.  Nothing seems to be worthy of genuine praise to these people, and finding fault is an expertise they cling to with gusto.  If there is some positive change proposed, they’ll quickly surmise it’s shortcomings and just as quickly let you know from their educated stance what they are.  Even if you try to avoid people like this, there is that delicious lure of some salacious detail about someone else that they “know” and want to share with you about them. To a person like this, a reward for some is viewed as a punishment to those who don’t receive it.  To a person like this, any good quality they hold is special only in that other people lack that.


The Yin and Yang, the positive and negative are indeed very closely intertwined in the dance the ancient drawing represents.  What we’re here to do is to explore the various ramifications of either living our lives in the negative, or in a mix of the negative and the positive, from an emotional state of mind.  It may seem tempting to dip a bit into the negative, but each foray into negative territory has a cost, and the cost is amplified by something called “The Law of Growth”.


When we are setting some sort of goal, something we’d like to do or to be or achieve, we can have the aid of The Law of Attraction if we can avoid getting involved in the negativity.  We need to keep ourselves in a positive state of mind, and some things destroy that task like gossiping or listening to gossip- yes- even just listening to it can put us into the negative energy pool.  Other things that can throw us off course are being critical of others or other people’s ideas,  and being in some negative emotional state like being angry, sad, hurt, or jealous.  All of these things will have a negative effect on our ability to use The Law of Attraction for our benefit.  We’ll still have The Law of Attraction working, but it will either be working against us or at best, getting mixed results.


The work for us is this: We need to get better and better at getting into a positive state of mind, or state of energy or vibration, whatever you wish to call it, and stay that way as much as possible.  Yes, it takes some work to refine ourselves in this way, but the work is well worth it because “The world is our oyster” or so they say.  Uh, ew! But you get the point.  We guess that was a good thing. 


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to keep myself in a positive state of mind?”


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