Daily Nugget of Gold 872

Daily Nugget of Gold 872


Where Do YOU Reside?


Ah, the comfort of home. The soft couch, the deep carpet nestling your toes.  The recliner that exudes laziness and tranquility.  The warm and cozy bed.  The well stocked fridge, calling your name to dine on your favorite foods.  Most of us are fortunate to have such a place, aren’t we?  A place we can retreat to and refresh ourselves for another adventure into the outside world tomorrow.  We feel safe and secure there and we need a little of that in order to be at our best, don’t we?  No argument there. 


Our love of comfort forms our decisions on what to buy, we like shirts, pants, or pajamas that feel nice, we talk of “comfort foods” when we go out to eat, and generally those are the types of foods we remember from a warm and loving childhood, right?  Life has a great deal of opportunities to get more comfortable and many of us strive mightily towards that end. Sometimes we pursue a career which will- we hope- provide us with enough financial rewards to bring these good things into our existence on a fairly regular basis, and why not?


Comfort can be a great thing to shoot for as a goal- the big home, the luxury car, the peaceful and romantic vacation relaxing on a beach or treating ourselves to all the fine dining on a cruise as we leisurely watch sunsets- all of this finer things in life are very nice, too.


There is something to watch out for in all of this.  We don’t want to allow our ambitious purposes and dreams to die from a want of comfort.  You see, in order to do any kind of significant growth we must as a practical plan forsake comfort and do what we feel a little uneasy and queasy about. Growth doesn’t happen by chance and it doesn’t happen at all if we only stay in our own little world of the familiar.  We heard someone say once, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” 


What are you doing right now?  Do you involve yourself in things that put at least a little fear in you?  Do you try to seek out new adventures or are you retreating deeper and deeper into your own little world?  Are YOU growing or dying?  Sorry to disturb you if you had already run out of any significant contribution, any new business ideas, or any creative works still within you.  Most people don’t suddenly stop having the ability to do wondrous things, they simply ease down gradually, bit by bit, into a place where it all disappears and it feels so good.  Or does it?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do right now to live a little closer to the edge and explore what I am truly capable of?”


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