Daily Nugget of Gold 882


Daily Nugget of Gold 882




Dangerous Hypnosis




We’ve gone on record here saying that we feel that hypnosis can be a great and wonderful tool in helping us bring about the changes we want to make in life. This is because that we are particularly susceptible  to suggestion when we are in a relaxed, sleepy state or even when we are daydreaming.  Good recorded hypnotherapy sessions always start out with an adequate amount of time devoted to helping us get “into state”, that is, fully relaxed with our minds relaxed as much as our body is. 




It’s OK to cut this period of time down once we get good at getting into state, but for the beginner doing hypnotherapy, we don’t want to skip from a long process of getting into the relaxed state to a short one usually until we’ve had months of practice in getting into that state.  Why is this so important?  Because the relaxed state is where the hypnosis does it’s magic.  Enough talk about the good kind of hypnotherapy, let’s talk about the dangerous kind of hypnosis.




When do you watch TV?  If you’re like most people, you watch TV at the end of the day more than any other time, and you probably do it for the same reason that most people do at that time- to relax.  Can you see where we’re going with this?  We are most susceptible to suggestion when we are in a relaxed, drowsy state, right?  But wait, you may say- no one is trying to hypnotize us while we watch TV, right?  No one is planting suggestions in our minds then, right?  Well, you have a point.  We don’t suppose we could make an argument that the actors, game show participants, or reality show dramas have an agenda like that- but the truth is, they don’t need to have such an agenda in order for them to inflict harm on us.  They can do this harm unintentionally. They do want you to keep watching them, of course. That’s one thing they would not be shy about admitting, for there is money in it for them.




The problem lies not so much with what they do on TV, but in our own use of TV as a tool to help us relax.  Suppose you are watching a show in which rudeness and arguments are the norm.  You can probably think of several such shows.  When we are in a relaxed, drowsy state of mind, we become conditioned to believe that these kinds of behavior are acceptable, maybe even admirable.  If we accept that as true, how do you suppose it will affect our chances for success?  If you think this isn’t a problem, please allow us to present something for your kind consideration.  If you do just a little research you’ll find that the most highly successful people rarely watch TV, and in particular, almost never watch it to relax.  Really!  Most of the rest of us? We lap it up.  Do you wonder now why It is that most people live lives of mediocrity?  They have accepted all sorts of negative behavior as normal, all because they have literally subjected themselves to such hypnotic suggestions on a daily basis.  Something to think about.




Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves




Who should be making the decision about which hypnotic suggestions I give my ear to?”




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