Daily Nugget of Gold 883

Daily Nugget of Gold 883


Behind Shifting Attitudes


In our last session, we talked about the dangerous hypnosis of TV when we are in a relaxed, sleepy state of mind.  We used the example of rudeness and argumentative behavior on some shows in order to make the point about how we can begin to think that negative behavior is normal.  Let’s talk about some other, more insidious attitudes we can accidentally adopt from being conditioned nightly in this manner.


Some of us have strong political positions, this is true.  The rest of us may not think of ourselves as political activists, but many of the people on some types of shows are political activists and some of them make a conscious effort to persuade us.  We don’t give a lot of stock to these efforts, however, if they are trying to be “in your face” about it.  We do have concerns in how a lot of the programming we watch seeks to make normal the ideas like that children should be transformed into sex objects, or that they should have beliefs like that there is one specific  ideal body type they must have in order to be beautiful or manly.  We’re thinking that the shows that make these things appear to be “normal” may be doing the population as a whole a great disservice in shaping attitudes to unhealthy and destructive extremes.  We’re not only concerned about kids sometimes watching this stuff, but we are also concerned that adults are literally being influenced through hypnotic suggestion.


Take a look at what sells in stores for little kids these days- padded bras for 8 year olds?  Extremely skimpy swimwear? Thong underwear for young teens?  These things exist for a reason, people buy them.  SOMEONE is being influenced, and the truth of the matter is, we may not fully accept these things as normal now, but they have crept into reality little by little and the driving force for that change that’s taken place is the hypnotic effect that TV has had on ADULTS.  Adults, by the way, have the final say in these purchases for young children, right?


Anytime we are in a relaxed, sleepy state we are open to suggestion, open to being influenced one way or another.  We may not accept suggestions that run 180 degrees opposite of what our firmly held beliefs are, but those little things that are just a few degrees different than the values we hold currently?  You betcha those are subject to change, slight change.  Tiny changes day by day equal huge changes in direction down the road.  Let’s make sure we are guarding ourselves from the suggestions of others who don’t have our own, or our childrens interest at heart.  This is doubly true when we are tired or relaxed and more open to suggestion, isn’t it?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I gain greater control over what influences I accept in my life?”

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