Daily Nugget of Gold 884

Daily Nugget of Gold 884


Escaping the Routine


When we think of escaping the routine, we often think about going on vacation, perhaps and most likely, to somewhere we’ve never been before.  We’re a little bit scared, just a tiny bit, but after all- it’s a vacation- it’s not like if we screw it up somehow that it will matter in any larger context in our lives.  Focus, if you will, on the idea of why doing something different than what you normally do feels good.  Why do we get such a rush of excitement out of it?  And what do we do to keep ourselves grounded in our “normal routines”?


Suppose you went somewhere different than you’ve gone before for vacation.  Let’s say you book into a hotel you’ve never been in before and decide to eat at one of the uniquely local establishments you’ve never dined in- how far out of your routine did you go?  Many of us would think that we made a huge leap, but let’s look at the routines involved.  By booking into a hotel we’ve not been in before, we grant you some things will be different.  Look at how many things are the same, however.  We check in, we either get help with the bags up to the room or we handle that ourselves, we check out the room, put our stuff away, get a little comfortable with it, and maybe establish where the ice and soda machines are.  Oh, the room is likely different in some ways, but isn’t the routine more familiar than different?


Heading out to eat in a unique restaurant, we find ourselves getting seated, perusing the menu, letting the wait staff know what we would like, consuming the meal while conversing, getting the check, figuring the tip out, and leaving.  Mechanically that’s pretty much the same, too, isn’t it? Oh, the food and the atmosphere are different, we grant you, but the routine is well established, isn’t it?


The point we’re making here is that nonetheless the overall is event is thrilling even though, in reality, we really didn’t step too far out of our normal routines- those things we’ve done before and established routines for.  The location, hotel, and the food and atmosphere were different- but those small differences provided us with a tingly sensation of doing something out of the established norm.  We don’t have to go on vacation to feel that sensation, however- we merely need to move out of our established routines slightly and our lives will become far more interesting and rewarding.  Think about that.


Question of the day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do differently today?”


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