Daily Nugget of Gold 885

Daily Nugget of Gold 885


Meeting Resistance


It seems that we can never simply just get what we desire.  Whenever we wish to be, do, or have more- our old friend resistance pops up and attempts to block our path.  When we meet with resistance to something we wish to do, what we do next is of critical importance to whether or not we will be successful.  It’s important to understand the nature and purpose of resistance, however, if we want to advance without wasted effort towards the goals we want to achieve.  We’re going to get into that topic today and explore what it’s all about with your kind permission and indulgence.


If we aren’t meeting resistance, we’re probably not advancing in the correct direction. Airplanes cannot get off the ground in a strong tail-wind.  Now, we might think that having a head wind would slow a plane’s progress but it is actually essential that an airplane encounter resistance in order to fly.  It actually uses the resistance to it’s advantage by climbing up into the flow. 


You’re not an airplane, we know, but this metaphor illustrates beautifully how we want to use resistance rather than seek ways to take the easy way out or to give up because of it.  The plane does not resist the resistance, but instead uses it by channeling it into a direction which gives the craft flight.  We don’t want to resist the resistance either, but rather allow it to motivate us and to begin creatively seeking out the solutions we need to locate to move ahead.


Each time we receive a “no” or get a signal that something didn’t work, we are given far greater benefit in that we have received valuable information on what we can do to change our approach- provided we are alert to it and willing to capitalize on the information our setbacks contain. Through “failure” we find our greatest successes for the so-called failures are always a lesson in what didn’t work initially, what other opportunities are available to us to move ahead with, and where we need to make adjustments.  If we reach success too quickly, none of these important and valuable insights will have come to the light of day for us.  That means that in all likelihood, in reaching success without resistance, the success we’ve found probably won’t last because we will be missing a great deal of the information we would have gathered in the process of getting there.  Do you see what we are saying here?  You want lasting success, don’t you?  You want your house to be built on a solid, stable foundation, not sand, right?  Resistance is a blessing!


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


How can I best use the resistance I encounter to go further?”


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