Daily Nugget of Gold 886

Daily Nugget of Gold 886


Loving the Process


In our last session we shared what we’ve learned about resistance and how it is actually an essential part of long-lasting success.  We’re here now to speak to a different but related area which will propel us forward at a wonderfully brisk pace if we will just alter our perception of what we enjoy the most.


Wait a minute…alter our perception about what we enjoy the most?  Huh? 


Did you ever dislike a certain food but later on found yourself not only liking it, but loving it?  Did you ever find that your first impression of someone was totally wrong?  Did you ever dislike a job but later on find out that not only were you good at it, but you actually enjoyed it?  The bottom line here is that our perception of what we like or dislike aren’t fixed at all- they are flexible, or at least as flexible as we would allow them to be.


If something bothers you, try looking at it from another angle.  Try being fascinated as to why it is like it is.  Try to understand the possible motivations of another whom you disagree with- we don’t mean the motivations you assign to them, but rather what their motivations might be if they had YOUR best interest at heart.  These are just some of the ways we can alter our perceptions about something.  We’ll address this more fully later, for now- let’s just have the understanding that our tastes change.


Loving the process is exactly that.  The road to success is supposed to meet with resistance, it’s only with our standing by through the failures that we truly will meet with lasting success.  Thomas Edison tried 10,000 things that wouldn’t work before finding one thing that would work while inventing the incandescent light bulb.  Colonel Sanders went to over 2000 restaurants attempting to find just one who would use his recipe for fried chicken and give him a small cut of the profits. These people loved the process.  They understood the dynamics of persistence coupled with a labor of love.  There was never any doubt that they would succeed.


See how exciting it is to plow ahead in spite of all obstacles.  Understand your life will take on new depth and meaning as you work calmly, patiently, but endlessly to get where you want to go.  Success is never about the destination, for you’ll choose yet another when you arrive.  It’s about enjoying the process and determining to be happy, joyful, and thankful you were given it to grow with.  It’s not about getting the goal, it’s about becoming the person capable of achieving great things.  You cannot fail if you measure success by loving what you do and then doing it.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What is it I love the most, the journey or the destination and why?


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