Daily Nugget of Gold 888

Daily Nugget of Gold 888


The Jam Sessions


Bring together a group of experienced musicians and watch this particular magic happen- even if they’ve never played together before!  A jam session is basically an unrehearsed get-together where the musicians play their instruments together seemingly as if they were actually aware of what notes to play because they’ve done it before or were reading sheet music.  We sat down to explore this phenomena with an accomplished musician and try to gain some insight into how it is possible that this can happen, and what it feels like as it unfolds.  In short, we both seem to have the impression that there is something, some higher level of communication maybe, or perhaps that bending of time we talked about in our last piece which may be at work here.  Let’s look at how either one of those might be operating in this instance or perhaps both.


Before we get into the weird stuff, let’s give accomplished musicians their due in that some of what they do when they get together for a jam session is anticipate where their partners will go next with the music just based on what would likely follow next- and that explains away some of it.  Still, a good group can really surpass any expectations of this based on that alone and really come off sounding as if they knew everything about the other members of the thrown-together group, and that’s not the case. 


One explanation of how great musicians do this is that they are able to “tune into” the intention of the other people playing.  Suppose that this is true, it still takes at least a little time to formulate an idea of how what they will play in response or better stated- in harmony- with the other members, doesn’t it?  Human reaction times are not instantaneous, they can indeed be measured to a large degree and calculated and in this instance, it doesn’t seem to be possible to react that fast. 


The above thoughts lead us to the other part of this in that perhaps time is somehow manipulated by the people who get-together for jam sessions.  It’s not so much that the people playing together set out to do this, but rather that their keen desire to make wonderful music together coupled with their belief and confidence levels exerts a subconscious demand that is somehow met by the altering of tiny bits of time into their favor. The word “magic” has always been used to describe anything we see, hear, or feel that we cannot fully explain and although jam sessions might be scientifically understood someday, we have a suspicion that they’ll still be described as magical in nature. Perhaps that’s as it should be.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What magical things can I find in life which will keep me in awe and wonder?”


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