Daily Nugget of Gold 889

Daily Nugget of Gold 889


Mystery of  Disease


What?  Mystery?  We know the cause of disease, don’t we?  Germs usually, genetic defects sometimes, right?  Not so fast.  Let’s look at some clues.  Suppose a group of people are exposed to some sort of germ.  Food poisoning comes to mind, but it could also be just someone in our building having the flu.  If ten people are exposed and yet only four get sick, what gives?  We could explain some of the difference by the extent of the exposure, or we could also take into account the state of the immune system of the individuals in question, too.  There probably are any number of reasons that some people get sick and others do not.  We’re actually going to look at just one factor, the mind.


It used to be that people thought of the mind as something separate from the body in nature. We have hypochondriacs, for instance, who seem to have many “imagined” diseases.  We also have other folks who will not allow a diseased state to interfere with what they do, using will-power to overcome the condition or at least function while they have it.  Then there is the placebo effect.  That’s when someone is given a sugar pill instead of a medication, usually done in studies as to whether or not a certain medication is effective or not, and then has their condition improve even though no medication was actually given to them.  All of these are thought of as the power of the mind being involved with causing or curing disease.


With most people thinking that the mind can play a role, it’s easy to miss a much more salient point- and that’s this: Mind ALWAYS plays a role– a huge role, at that.  Mind cannot be excluded from the body because mind and body are one.  Mind is the function of intelligence which permeates all the cells of the body, mind is a process of the system of the whole self, and it’s source is Spiritual in nature. 


Do germs play a role? Yes, they do, but probably a lesser role than we’ve been led to believe.  A mind which is focused solely on the positive becomes a very difficult target for opportunistic germs to overcome.  Further, the mind can create a deepened response to the onslaught of disease using mental images to bring about actual changes in the body.  We’ve shown this through things like the use of bio-feedback.


Let’s keep in mind that our own attitudes have a great deal to do with whether we get sick or not, and if we do, how quickly we recover.  Let’s stop pretending that we are totally at the mercy of things like germs- unless of course, you wish to live like that- but who really does?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to improve my emotional state of being so as to be far more positive than I am now?”


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