Daily Nugget of Gold 890

Daily Nugget of Gold 890


Perceiving Reality


This is a tricky one, what’s the truth?  The truth is absolute, is it not?  The truth is that one thing which we can be sure of, the bottom line, the facts as we know them and as we prove them to be right.  2 plus 2 equals four. That’s a fact, isn’t it?  How could anyone screw up something that simple?  Oh, trust us on this one, they can. 


We often forget that perception and truth are so intricately intertwined as to provide false impressions that we send people to prison for years based on “eyewitness testimony” and much later come to find out that DNA evidence proves them to be innocent of the crime.  People will dispute virtually anything.  We disagree on who is the best choice to lead our country to to whom does this particular parking space belong.  Where there is a disagreement as to what the truth is, you can bet that perception is playing at least some role in that. 


It’s probably a safe thing to say that most of us don’t spend a great deal of time trying to view things from someone else’s perspective.  Let’s see why it’s such a difficult task.  Suppose you and another person disagreed on how much to tip a waiter or waitress as you finished your meal together. One person thought the service was pretty good, the other thought it was okay.  Perhaps the staff person was more helpful to one of the two people than the other, that’s possible.  What if either you or the other diner had a mother who was a waitress and thought of their childhood growing up as being financially difficult- could that feed into what might make for a difference of opinion?


What if the waitress or waiter called one of the two of you, “Honey” which is not all that uncommon, but one of you took offense to the term thinking it was derogatory.  How about if the other one of you was really fond of that, having been called that by one of your parents?  We could go on, but perception has far more to do with everything we’ve lived through up until that point than just “seeing things the way they are”.  Things vary depending on where WE’RE coming from more than anything else.


Give people who disagree with you a little slack.  They have no way of seeing things entirely from your perspective, and of course, you have no such ability either.  What we do have is the ability to love each other and show that we are considerate enough to try and understand why someone may hold a different opinion than our own.  If we make this a bigger priority than “being right” we will go a long, long way to a better reality for ourselves… at least, that’s what we think…what about you?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to deepen my understanding of what others think and why?”


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