Daily Nugget of Gold 891

Daily Nugget of Gold 891




Most people wouldn’t disagree that being polite is a desirable trait.  We teach our kids to say, “Please” and “Thank you” as a way of showing kindness and consideration to the people they interact with.  We don’t like to be treated rudely ourselves, and most of us try and treat others with respect, too.  Being polite might not seem like a good candidate for discussion here, but we think it is.


We wrote our last piece on how perception plays a large role in what we think about what “the truth is” and here we’re carrying this on to the next level- what to do about it- both when we agree and when we disagree.  You know, even when we agree with each other, we can be nasty about it.  What are we really trying to accomplish is we treat one another badly in spite of the fact we agree?  Probably one of the worst ways we can attempt to gain a feeling of importance in our lives is by being rude with the other people around us.  Of course, rudeness has no place when we disagree, either.  We lose sight of how each of us are deserving of kindness and respect when we act like jerks towards each other, don’t we?


What about another kind of “being polite”?  What about when someone asks our opinion of their new dress we don’t like or performs a task we didn’t want done that way, what about those instances?  Politeness is a much finer line in these matters, isn’t it?  Our ability to get through these everyday experiences with tact will have a great deal of influence on our own success, and will ultimately help inform others as to what they should think of us.  It’s unlikely we’ll ever be perfect at such things, but we want to find a way to be heartfelt in what we say and still keep the other person’s feelings first in our thoughts.  One way to help ourselves do this would be to use humor to deflect it. “You’re asking me?  I wore an outfit that was so badly put together that the producers of What Not to Wear called me to be on the show, TWICE.” … and with that, you’re off the hook.


Politeness is about nothing more than being kind and considerate of other people and treating them with the same respect we appreciate.  Politeness is never about trying to make us look good by making someone else look bad or inferior.  Let’s be nicer to each other today, please?  Thank you.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to improve upon how polite I am?”


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