Daily Nugget of Gold 901

Daily Nugget of Gold 901


Your Own Touch


There’s no argument about it, you are uniquely you.  You are different in many ways than anyone else on this planet.  With your DNA being the unique combination of your mother’s and fathers along with the experiences you’ve uniquely been through- genes and environment- you are a completely different person than anyone else indeed!  True, we share a common source, a common Spirit with one another and with that we have installed in our “hard drive” that sense of what’s right or wrong, what’s good or bad, and a yearning to be appreciated and loved.


That uniqueness found in each of us is also something we want to respect.  When someone doesn’t see eye to eye with us on something, taking offense is silly and pointless.  We’re going to differ, better to be fascinated by that than frustrated by it.  As for us?  Our happiest days will come when we truly embrace what makes us unique, when we celebrate it, and when we work to add our own unique style in all that we do.  When it comes to your solutions for living, allow your personality to breath life into the things you do.  Your work shines best when you throw yourself into it and do it to the best of your ability.


We are presented with a buffet of humanity where we get to witness a lot of styles of doing things.  Do you say, “Hello”, “Hola!”, “Hi” or “Howdy”? You choose which suits you.  Do you describe someone who helped you as “wonderful”, “nice”, or “covered in awesomesauce”?  Do you wear jeans, or muted pastels, or sparkly styles?  Are you a bit playful, a bit nutty, serious, or serene?  While we can always add to our plate anything we choose from the endless buffet of traits, behaviors, or appearances- we do want to avoid copying from any one source too much.  We would then feel cheapened and a bit phony, and of course, how we feel will be communicated in one form or another with everyone we meet.


With others, dwell on the positives you see, ignore what you don’t like, and let them know what pleases you about them.  Act like you’re on a treasure hunt each time you meet someone- the treasure is finding out what you like about them and letting them know.  The ultimate compliment you can pay them is that you like that thing so much, you want to make it part of you in some way.  Warming their heart will warm yours as well.  A good thing.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do differently than anyone else and have fun with it?”


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