Daily Nugget of Gold 903

Daily Nugget of Gold 903




This topic may sound a little strange at first.  We are speaking today about what we need to do in order to align ourselves, our thoughts, and particularly our emotions with what we desire in life.  Like with most of our discussions here, some of that- but most certainly not all of it, deals with material wealth.  Oddly enough, that’s also the thing that seems to get the most maligned when people talk about it.  People will say, “Money is the root of all evil” which is a mischaracterization of what the verse is, that “The love of money is the root of all evil”.  Anyhow, before we get our britches in a knot on this, ask yourself these questions:  If your boss told you that you were such a great value to the company, that she was doubling your pay, would you turn it down?  If the clothing you wanted was marked down 50% off, would you politely tell the clerk, “no- I’d rather pay the full price.”?


We think you see the point we’re making.  While we may be wary of loving money, we aren’t very shy about wanting more of it, are we?  That’s because it’s a tool, a medium of exchange, a way of  bartering for what we want when exchanging one item for another isn’t convenient.  So, considering all of that, yes, we are going to include material things in the conversation here- for there is no reason to exclude them. 


We want to align ourselves with what it is we want in order to produce the results we seek. That could be better health, more income, a nicer place to live, harmony in our relationships, or Spiritual fulfillment.  That begs the question: “How do I do that?”  The Law of Attraction or it’s root source, The Law of Vibration- attracts to us whatever we are in alignment with, specifically- vibrational alignment.  “But does money have a certain vibration?  Does health have a vibrational frequency?  Define for us what the Spiritual frequency is and how we obtain it”, you may say.


This is the exciting part, all we need to do is to think of whatever it is we want and build our emotional attachment to it.  We want to dwell on those thoughts in the relaxed, sleepy state and in so doing we move them to the part of the brain which is highly developed for just this purpose- the frontal lobe.  How do we know when we are doing this right?  When the brain begins to lose track of time, when we can do this and turn down everything else in our environment.  We’ll talk more about what this is all about in another installment.  The non-perception , or rather, the imperceptibility of time is our best clue that we’re on the right track.  Begin now, begin at once, put those ideas and things you desire front and center as you relax.  Practice gently focusing on seeing yourself with those things that you desire and in particular, how good you feel as you’ve acquired them.  See those things to be in your possession now as you do this.  You have successfully brought yourself in alignment with them in this way.  Keep doing this a couple of times a day.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What do I truly want?”


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