Daily Nugget of Gold 904

Daily Nugget of Gold 904


Knowledge and Application


Have you ever noticed a common response from a teen who is either being asked to do something or instructed by a parent or other authority figure is “I know”? It’s amazing what kids know these days, isn’t it?  Well, before we have teens shut their ears and tune out, this discussion isn’t about teens specifically- it’s about adults, and possibly teens as well, but mainly about adults.  What we’d like to discuss today, with your kind permission, is how adults typically do know what it is they should be doing even when they’re not doing it.  Why is that?


Let’s perform a little gut-check here, especially if you are inclined to believe that you do what you think is the correct things to do as a matter of habit. Take one of your admitted bad habits or “indulgences” here and ask yourself- if you were advising a friend or a teen as to what to do in their own life, would you advise them to do what you do?  If not, if you would offer advice which differs even slightly, then congratulations- you have just proven yourself to be human!


Knowledge is important, make no mistake about that.  It is!  Here’s the rub about that, though- while it’s important to know something of value, it’s exceedingly important to apply what we know.  The author knows this well.  Ever since we became an adult we have been fascinated about what it is that drives human achievement.  We have had the fortunate experiences in life of meeting a great many high-achievers and our curiosity has had many of them place there arm around our shoulder and patiently explain what they knew that we didn’t.


We also were fortunate in that we also invested in works by people who have unlocked these secrets for themselves, and have learned a great deal through the burning desire to understand it all.  How far did that really take us though?  Nowhere!  Nowhere, that is, until we began to apply what it was that we learned, and we’ll be the first to admit to you, we are still a mere baby in applying all we’ve learned.  If you remember anything about any of the work we do, please take this point to heart:  Learning is great and it can be fun, but until we actually put to use what we’ve learned, it serves very little real purpose in our lives.  If we want to just consume empty calories on a mental level, heck- we have television for that!  We’re under the impression that the reason you’re reading this right now is that you want something more than that.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


How can I start applying more of what I learn?”


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