Daily Nugget of Gold 906

Daily Nugget of Gold 906


The Frontal Lobe


The what?  We are referring to part of our brain, it’s that part which sits right behind our forehead and has suffered those slaps to the head when we suddenly become aware of something we should have or could have done. “I coulda had a V-8”, comes to mind.  That, of course, is not the reason it’s there.  Most of the people we’ve been close enough to engage in a discussion with lately have been victim to our curiosity on what happens in regard to time when they are engaged in a favorite activity.  We’ve asked a lot of people about this but if we haven’t asked you, we probably will. 


The other day we wrote about “alignment”- that is getting into a vibrational match with the things we seek in order to move them into our reality using The Law of Attraction.  We hinted that this thing we all experience when time flies by and we tune out other stimuli in our world is a clue which demonstrates that we have the ability to “get into the zone” and have The Law of Attraction deliver on those things we truly want. So, think about it.  Is there an activity that you do which can change your perceptions as to time or your surroundings as you engage in it?  We’re betting there is.  It might be shopping, wood working, making music, playing with a favorite pet, cooking- who knows?  It’s different in each of us.  For your author here, it’s researching and writing.  That’s probably a good thing!


Once we’ve established that you’ve been in that zone, then the next logical step to take would be to repeat the experience while you are summoning what you want to happen in your life to you.  Why?  Because this is the role of the frontal lobe.  It is your non-physical connection to everything else in the universe, all intelligence, all wisdom, all of being- everything that ever was or ever will be!  This is the door that Edison pulled his inventions through, this is the portal where da Vinci brought to himself his ability to express magnificent beauty.  This is where Beethoven found poetic and majestic musical mastery.  You were given the same gift, and it sits there waiting behind your forehead hungering for you to allow it to bring you whatever you passionately desire to have.


Why don’t people use this great gift to the best of their ability and potential?  We think it’s partly due to the fact that they are unaware they have it.  Maybe they haven’t learned just how to use it.  We’ll dedicate our next session to just that.  How to use this frontal lobe you have been given to do things that exceed anything you would or could have expected of yourself.  Stay tuned!


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What is it that has you lose track of time or your surroundings?”


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