Daily Nugget of Gold 907

Daily Nugget of Gold 907


An Assignment


Before we begin our journey into the magnificence of the frontal lobe, we want you to view some pictures of galaxies as seen through The Hubble Telescope. Here’s a link to Bing’s presentation of some of the images.  Take your time and ponder what you see, how it is that these came into existence and what they mean to you deep down inside. http://tinyurl.com/l2was2y If by chance the link doesn’t function, just look for “Hubble Telescope awe inspiring galaxies” in any search engine and click on images.  Please don’t skip this step.


Now that you’ve done that we can go on to talk about what’s contained in your heart and what’s within your grasp.  All of it.  All of it!  You have this wonderful Universe and all the beauty, majesty, and creative ability at your disposal.  It came as standard equipment.  There are absolutely no limits on what you can be or have or do other than those you have placed upon yourself.  With the gift of the frontal lobe, you received all you need in order to transform what you desire into what you possess.  In fact, you already have ownership to it all in that you already can envision yourself in possession of anything you choose.  Why don’t we have more of whatever it is we desire, then? We focus on those things we don’t want, and we get them instead.  We become angry and receive more of what made us angry. 


Think back to those galaxies, this immense beauty is yours to grasp, all of the finer things in life are available to all of us.  As we draw out from us the infinite wonder and wisdom of all creation we align ourselves to the things we passionately intertwine with.  If we look around and see something less than what we would have liked in our lives, we have the ability to change it.  The calm, quiet, almost sleepy meditative state allow us to put our wishes front and center- at the heart of the frontal lobe.  If we reach that productive state of mind, we will lose track of time and surroundings.  Those are the clues that we are doing it right.  Be patient, this takes practice. The mind must be slowed down, our thoughts released.


Lastly, in keeping ourselves in a happy, blissful state of mind as much as we possibly can, we allow those things which we negatively create to slip away from us and free our hearts for what we want.  It’s a full time job, yes.  It’s so incredibly worth the investment, however.  The assignment is for you to spend the rest of your days perfecting this. You have such wondrous and magnificent beauty within, bring it out, shine brightly!


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


How can I begin transforming myself today?”


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