Daily Nugget of Gold 908

Daily Nugget of Gold 908


Letting Go


Okay, we were going to title this Nugget “Letting Go of the Non-Physical Things We Don’t Want” and by the time we got to the end of the title, we almost forgot what we were writing about!  We recently tweeted this:  “We cannot attract to ourselves what we desire while we hold onto hurt, anger, envy, jealousy, sadness, and doubt. There’s no more room! #LOA”  The reason we have the hashtag “LOA” at the end of that is so that people looking for concepts concerning The “Law of Attraction” can find it.  As for the rest of it?  Kindly allow us to explain it.


Our heart is made of many things, some good- some not-so-good.  We use the word “heart” intentionally.  If you ask an audience of a thousand people to point to themselves at the same time, nearly every single one will point to their heart, not their head.  That’s not why we say “heart” though, we want to focus our attention on emotional states of being rather than the intellectual or logical ones.  Good salespeople know that products sell better when appeals are made to the emotions and then justified with logic.  This is why new car ads don’t come on and show someone coldly reading the facts about their car, no- they show a (professional) driver doing James Bond maneuvers down a winding road, spinning and sliding on a wet pavement to have the car come to rest in perfect alignment with another, or a scantily clad lady nearby admiring the man behind the wheel- things like that.  Were you really planning to drive your new $30,000 vehicle that way?


Anyhow- back to matters of the heart.  When we hold onto anger over what someone did to us in the past or even over us not getting paid what we believe we are worth, we have that anger occupying our state of being, our heart. If we couple that with hurt over some rumor someone has been viciously spreading about us, we’ve reduced further our capacity for love.  If we add to that sadness that our friend passed away (as opposed to dwelling on the fond memories of them), we’re again crowding out those things we love.  A long while ago we spoke of “The Vacuum Law of Prosperity” which might apply to an old, worn-out sofa in your living room.  If you toss it out, you create a “vacuum” which nature in it’s abundance- actually abhors.  Nature moves to fill that void in short order through The Law of Attraction.  We are usually watching for a much nicer couch to take it’s place, too. Soon enough, there it is, we find it and bring it home.


Our heart works just that way.  As we toss out of our heart things like anger, resentment, envy, blame, sadness, jealousy- we’ve created room in our hearts for joy, love, wonder, excitement, adventure, and bliss to name but a few.  What we are saying here is just this: If you want more happiness in your heart, make room for it.  Get rid of those tired old emotions that don’t serve you any way you can.  Clean house! Then focus on putting something wonderful and beautiful in place of that.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do without, on an emotional basis, and how do I get rid of it completely?”


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