Daily Nugget of Gold 909

Daily Nugget of Gold 909


Feelings or Conditions


We weren’t planning to do this subject, honest.  Out of curiosity, we looked back to the previous Nugget before we started this only to see if we left any cliff-hangers we needed to finish up on.  We had been watching and listening to research material prior to our writing today and although we forget exactly where we got the spark to do today’s Nugget about, it came to us seemingly unrelated to what we touched on in that previous Nugget.  Just so the reader is aware, often these are written days or weeks in advance.  The weird thing is that sure enough- this IS related to that Nugget and in a profound way.  What an odd coincidence! 


Actually, your author here doesn’t believe in many coincidences, we prefer to think of them as synchronicity in action, The Law of Attraction, or even Divine Guidance.  Mere chance?  In our estimation, not likely. 


So what of “Feelings or Conditions”?  It seems as if we often are tempted to change the conditions we face in our lives rather than addressing the root cause of why we seem to be unhappy.  If we believe something “out there” is the cause of why we feel empty, unhappy, angry, alone, upset, envious, frustrated or any one of at least a hundred negative states of mind- we usually try and address that condition.  We’ll tell our loved ones they don’t treat us right, or that they take us for granted.  We’ll vent at the clerk in the store who may not be giving us their full attention.  We’ll look for some way to get even with that inconsiderate neighbor.  We’ll go to the bank and remove all our accounts because they charged us a fee we thought we didn’t deserve to pay.


What all of these things have in common is that we are addressing the conditions in our lives that we believe led to us feeling the way that we do, but in fact- these conditions have nothing substantive to do with it.  These are all the excuses we use for failing to manage our own emotional states of mind.  That’s a bold statement, but the minute we can show a different reaction to a negative condition which someone else believes is the root cause of their feeling a negative emotion- the moment we can demonstrate that this condition need not evoke that reaction- we’ve laid to rest that claim.


Conditions are hard to change.  Why?  Because you will face thousands of them each day!  How you feel about things is a much easier to regulate.  It’s like having a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.  Now- not at first- we must undo most of our knee-jerk reactions before we can focus on keeping ourselves on an even keel as far as emotions go.  Once we do it, however, it works for a larger and larger variety of conditions as we learn better ways of handling them emotionally.  Name some negative condition in your life- and then ask yourself, is there anybody who might view this differently, anybody?  Why not you?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to move my efforts from fixing conditions into fixing how I feel?”


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