Daily Nugget of Gold 910

Daily Nugget of Gold 910


Response or Creation?


Let’s examine another aspect of our lives and how we live them.  Let’s look at living in response versus living in deliberate creation.  We have the ability to do both, and one is easier to do on the front end, but the other makes life easy on the back end.  Now, which, do you suppose, is which?


Response is what most people do.  If you are happy with the results in life that most people get, this is the plan for you.  If you look to adapt to your circumstances, you need not concern yourself with any of that “dreaming” and “goal setting” work.  You can also give up trying to find more meaning for your life, you won’t need to do that to keep you busy and occupied.  Dealing with life this way is sort of like hitting tennis balls from an automatic machine randomly tossing them at you.  As you go on in life, it either seems like the machine speeds up or you slow down- but the effect is the same.  Don’t worry, however- the change in speed can take decades before you’ll notice that it’s got you beat.


A deliberate creator is a different sort.  Only a few people that you will likely ever meet in your lifetime fall under this category.  Creators look for outlets for their creative ability and seem to want to meet up with challenges before those things smack them in the face.  In general, they actually like to go and find things, situations, and ways to grow faster than living in response will ever provide them.  Creators involve themselves in a truly wide array of pursuits, too.  They may love the challenge of selling cars, they may like painting great works of art.  You can find creators running a convenience store, or making music videos.  There is this love of the expression of their creative ability that they seem to possess which is not commonly found in those people living their lives by mainly responding to the situations that come up.


The bottom line is this- what’s your choice?  You decide which it will be for you.  In making no decision, you still have made a choice.  Choosing not to choose still puts you in one column or the other, guess which one?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to live a life of my own creation?”


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