Daily Nugget of Gold 924

Daily Nugget of Gold 924


You, The Key Player on the Team


Okay, we haven’t yet finished this discussion because we really haven’t given anyone the tools we should be giving them to succeed in spite of the flaws, both perceived and real, of their other teammates.  We were thinking a great deal about this and what we came up with are some questions that we could ask ourselves (You may have noticed by now that we’re kinda fond of that approach, LOL) in order to work with the team we’ve been placed on to the best of our ability.  Here goes:


If I were not allowed to change my teammate in any way, or correct any mistakes they might be making, how could I change my own approach so that I turned what they do into an advantage for the team?”


Is it more important to me that I be right than that we win by achieving our mutual objective?”


What’s a different way of looking at what my teammate does which will allow me to create the conditions necessary to achieve what our team is supposed to be doing?”


How can I incorporate the very best talents of each player on my team into my approach so that I maximize our chances of success?”


If I were paid $1000 an hour to find a way to blend my teammate’s strengths and to use the abilities and skills of the other teammates to get the job done right, could I rise to that occasion and do better than I am doing right now?”


If I were promised a $10,000 reward for finding things within myself I could change in order to contribute more to the team effort instead of finding fault in anyone else on the team, could I do that?”


What is it that I admire, love, and respect about each member of my team?  How can I learn from observing those individual qualities which will help me improve on what I am doing myself?”


What advantages can I create out of the apparent faults I see in my teammates to help obtain the goal we are shooting for?”


We probably could come up with more things like this, and we’d be willing to bet that you could out-do us in this as well.  We’re not perfect, we’re not even close to that ideal ourselves.  You are probably far better at finding a work-around or two than we are.  The only difference we might have made here in the application of thought is to keep the thinking in line with achievement of the outcome desired rather than on the “reasons” it cannot be done.  You could do that, too.  You probably could do that better than we could.  The only question is: Will you?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to help our group do what we set out to do?”


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