Daily Nugget of Gold 925

Daily Nugget of Gold 925


Where to Look


Remember, and this is one of the most difficult as well as most wonderful statements to grasp…. remember that no matter what the difficulty is, no matter where it is, no matter who is affected, you have no patient but yourself; you have nothing to do but to convince yourself of the truth which you desire to see manifested.” – Charles Haanel


One of the most common situations we are called to help with is how to handle difficulties someone is having with another person.  Several times a day on most days, one issue someone either seeks our help with, or is venting in our presence about, is a conflict rooted in their difficulties with one or more people in their life.  The bad news which Charles Haanel points to in his quote from The Master Key System, is that most people believe the solution of their problems lies in having another person change, not themselves.  Naturally, if that were true, we don’t give people much hope of finding solutions.  It’s hard enough to change ourselves, let alone change someone else who has absolutely no motivation to do so.


The great news that Haanel points out is that the answers we seek in getting the situation to improve are all within ourselves.  Even when we think that we are absolutely doing nothing wrong, the answers we seek are actually not outside of our own minds.  This is indeed “wonderful” to know because if the problem is “out there”, if the trouble is that the world has conspired against us, or that the banks, the corporations,the government, or the liars and the cheats have control- then we really have very little hope.  If the difficulty is within ourselves, that’s something within our grasp to address.


Now, this is not to say that our challenges are going to be easy to overcome, not by any means.  The fact that there is some sort of difficulty in our lives means that we are being signaled that there is some sort of change we want to make within ourselves in order to obtain the positive results we seek.  It is within our own thinking that we want to work on the issues we have, and much of that work is in the areas of complete forgiveness and realizing the Spiritual nature of all beings, ourselves included.


When there is a problem, there is that issue which is at present.  That’s a certain level of reality.  A deeper, more fundamental level of reality is our emotional response to what we see.  It’s in that deeper level that we have absolute and total control over the situation at hand.  Think of the problem itself as something superficial and you’ll begin to be on the road to recovery from it.  Let’s discuss this further next time we get together, shall we?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


Would I rather have control over all situations or would I rather be controlled by them?”


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