Daily Nugget of Gold 926

Daily Nugget of Gold 926


Taking Ownership of Our Challenges


In our last session we stated that there is the reality of the situation at hand which is on one level, and we added that a deeper, more fundamental level of reality is our emotional response to the reality we see.  This might appear to be backwards to most people, but we can assure you that we got this one right.  Just as with a sailboat, the wind from the exact same direction in regards to the position of the boat can take you two very different places depending upon how the sails are set, our way of looking at things can fundamentally change our outcome in any given situation.  Just as the wind is not good or bad as it goes past the boat, neither are the conditions we see.


There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” -Hamlet (As penned by William Shakespeare)


The idea that a particular circumstance is a blessing or a curse is what is formed in the mind of the observer.  One person may see nothing but opportunities in a difficult situation while another person may see nothing but trouble. The reality of each of those people will be created as they’ve fashioned it to be!  This is why having “no patient but yourself” is such a wonderful blessing and such a magnificent curse depending on how we see things.  It’s a curse because we don’t have the ability to change anyone else, even if we want to.  It’s a blessing in that we don’t need to change anyone else in order for us to live a happy, fulfilled, Spiritually based life.


When we take ownership of how we feel inside, then we can work within ourselves to improve our reaction to any given circumstance in order to bring about the changes we seek to improve our standing in regard to the difficulties at hand.  It is our thinking that creates the reality in which we live, not the circumstances, events, or conditions we have in our lives.  Those are just presented to us in such a way that we can grow from and through them.  All that being said, we can choose to accept what we’ve been given in life to deal with as the world conspiring against us to make us unhappy.  Think it, believe it, feel it and it will be that way just as we imagined it is.  In this way we can literally create for ourselves hell on earth and our creation will consume us as if it were. 


If you’re going through hell, don’t stop!” – Les Brown says with a belly-laugh.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do today to see my difficulties only with a positive mental attitude?”


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