Daily Nugget of Gold 928

Daily Nugget of Gold 928


Prejudice and The Uncertainty Principle


In science, there is something called “The Uncertainty Principle” which we’ve come to accept as a reality in that the more accurate we become when we measure something, the more there is a possibility of error in some other respect.  For instance, the more precisely the position of some particle is determined, the less precisely its momentum can be known, and vice-versa.  Most of us probably won’t have issues in our lives which crop up due to this, at least as far as we’ll know. 


The word “prejudice” isn’t a “bad word” but it describes a condition within people whereby the world, or people or things in it or around them are perceived to be a certain way based on a variety of factors.  Some of these include our upbringing, our desires to be a member or not of certain groups, our educational background, and influences ranging anywhere from the people we’re near, books, television, movies, games, music or other sources.  The spectrum of influence is huge, obviously.  Still, no two people ever have the same influences in their lives so no two people are prejudiced in exactly the same way.


One thing you may have gleaned from our discussion thus far:  Because of the wide variety of influences we have in life it’s probably not possible to be without any prejudice at all.  We all prejudge people and things.  Sometimes we do this consciously, but much of the time we are acting or feeling the influences reflected back into our awareness through the subconscious mind.  It seems that even in those people who pride themselves as being completely open minded, they cannot completely escape the perspective on things they’ve developed through living as long as they have and through all they’ve witnessed in one way or another.


As we try and rid ourselves of the preconceived notions which are destructive to ourselves and warp and skew our take on reality, we might wish to keep The Uncertainty Principle in mind.  We will never be completely without prejudice, but also- neither will anyone else.  Yes, it’s an awesome goal, but let’s not condemn anyone else for something we ourselves house within our hearts to one degree or another.  Let’s instead look for the good in people, let’s bless and praise that rather than look to find fault in the people we meet.  Remember, if we are fault finding, we are traveling down the freeway to a prejudicial kingdom and we probably don’t want to live there.


Think of it this way, the more we look for impurities in other people’s hearts, the more we expose the imperfections in our own.  That’s how The Uncertainty Principle works, what we “gain” in one measurement, we lose in another.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do differently today to allow me to find goodness in places I didn’t before know it to exist?”


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