Daily Nugget of Gold 939

Daily Nugget of Gold 939


Expanding Reality


What’s real?  Are you real?  Is your house or apartment real?  These seem to be pretty silly questions, but in a lot of ways, they aren’t.  Some of the most interesting people we’ll meet will be those who in some way expand what we believe is possible or actually part of our world now.  We ran across one such person lately and we’re extremely grateful for having the opportunity for the encounter.  The difficulty we face in believing we’re open minded is that there will always someone who comes along who challenges our assumptions on just how open our minds are.  The minute we dismiss a person for being crazy, or not in touch with reality, we begin to shut the door on the expansion of what we’ll be able to learn.


Are our own opinions valid?  How do we find out?  Did you ever consider that the average person doesn’t spend nearly as much time learning from other perspectives as they do in defending that the opinions they already hold are valid?  If we dismiss opinions from other points of view as being incorrect, are we really open minded?   Napoleon Hill in his groundbreaking book Think and Grow Rich said that one of the 12 things that constituted true riches is “An open mind on all subjects toward all people”.  Why do you suppose Hill named that particular mental attitude as something that among other things that constituted true riches?


There have been a lot of crazy people in history.  Marconi had this idea for an invention which would transmit sound from one place to another using electromagnetic waves. He was locked up for a time, he was so crazy.  Henry Ford was considered by many of his own engineers to be stark raving mad because he was absolutely convinced that a V8 engine could be mass-produced for his automobiles.  Many useful electrical inventions were produced by Nikola Tesla, he had 300 patents for his inventions including an alternating current distribution system for electricity- you know, what we use today.  Tesla was considered by many people to be nuts, and in fact- some people even today think he was a crazy genius, “mad scientist” sort of person.


Keeping an open mind isn’t an easy task.  We are filled with per-conceived notions, prejudices, and incorrectly assembled bits and pieces of evidence from our senses sometimes.  We are often taught and accept as real, things that are either incorrect theories or bad educated guesses- and often we take these things as the literal truth.  A good scientist is always skeptical of the data, and it would be intelligent for us to operate in that way, too, it seems.  “An open mind on all subjects toward all people”.  Yes, with that we will indeed be truly blessed in many ways!


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


“What can I do to insure I keep an open mind?”


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