Daily Nugget of Gold 940

Daily Nugget of Gold 940


Chasing Rabbit Trails


Something sometimes happens to us when we are in pursuit of our dreams, our ambitions. On occasion we find ourselves sidetracked.  Some people refer to these distractions as chasing down rabbit trails, which is a great metaphor as to what is going on here.  We have a goal which we are allegedly in hot pursuit of and suddenly we find ourselves doing something which actually doesn’t take us closer to that goal, but delays our getting there. 


Have you ever decided to clean a room, for example, and in the process of doing that found a pile of old pictures and decided to look through them right then?  If you haven’t actually done this, can you imagine that this might slow you down significantly or stop you if you did do that?  This is the danger of chasing rabbit trails, they are “time thieves”.  In the day to day world where we sometimes decide on a project and then set about going to work on it, rabbit trails are either a pleasant diversion or a minor annoyance.  Often, they are fairly harmless. What’s all this about them being dangerous and them sapping our time, then?


If we have a purpose we’ve proclaimed for our lives, if we have a central focus on what we have decided we want our lives to be about- rabbit trails aren’t pleasant, they are an insidious erosion on our might and muscle we bring to the vital tasks that need to be completed in order to obtain the results we desire.  The cumulative effect of chasing rabbit trails can effectively end our mission in life over the long run. 


What’s the cure for chasing rabbit trails?  Remembering that we don’t have an unlimited amount of time to indulge them is one thing- having a sense of urgency.  Keeping our focus keenly on what our mission is, that’s another.  One way to accomplish this is by reminding ourselves verbally by stating what our chief aim is in life to everyone we meet… fairly often.  Dreaming about our desired result daily will help.  Remember to “Keep the main thing the main thing.”  Let’s not let the habit of chasing rabbit trails be among the traits we hold near and dear about ourselves.  Let’s get on with it.  Let’s get done what needs to be done and let’s do that right now.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


If I am truly goal oriented, would I allow myself a lot of diversions?”


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