Daily Nugget of Gold 941

Daily Nugget of Gold 941


The Political Distractions


Let’s start out with a quote.  “Politics is the diversion of trivial men who, when they succeed at it, become important in the eyes of more trivial men” – George Jean Nathan


So many of us get caught up in political matters.  We breath life into all sorts of causes, big, little, and in-between.  Our political leanings can vary greatly, and while we disagree wholeheartedly on a lot of things- it seems that most of us seek to improve the status-quot.  Our designs on just how to do this involve varying degrees of either leaving people alone to do as they will or finding ways to nudge or limit people to have them make better choices.


So what of that quote?  Do you more or less agree with it, or do you find it to be somewhat insulting?  We guess that all depends on just how much of a political activist you are, doesn’t it?  For us, we see more than a grain of truth in this critique on politically oriented people.  It seems that those who seek political power also wish to see themselves as important players in the grand scheme of things, but for most of us- the people in power have far less to do with whether we succeed or don’t succeed than we could possibly imagine.


To measure the truthfulness in that last statement we made, ask yourself this:  Are there people who manage to succeed whether the country is run by Democrats or Republicans?  Isn’t it true that some people find a way to help other people obtain what they desire no matter who is in power?  Even in an economic downturn, even in a depression- are there still people who manage to succeed?  We think you know the answer.


Politics in a lot of respects is much like watching your favorite professional sporting event.  You can show up in team colors, you can stand up and cheer for your team, you can buy their merchandise and you can argue why your team is the best- and while all of this matters, especially to the teams, none of it matters very much- really.  The team will go on to win or lose without you, and while your personal vote and the dollars you personally contribute matter to your political leaders- ALL of us are replaceable to them.


Let’s focus on doing what’s right, let’s become great people in our own right.  Let’s live significant, meaningful lives ourselves and let’s remember that our influence is much more important to the people we are near and dear to- our friends, our families, and our customers. Let’s give THEM our best.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do today to give my best in all I do?”


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