Daily Nugget of Gold 942

Daily Nugget of Gold 942


Correction Through Observation


One of the things we’ve been more aware of lately is when we are passing near a couple of people talking is to hear what it is they are saying.  We don’t mean that it’s good to eavesdrop on people or to try and hear their private sentiments, no- we are talking about other people conversing loud enough to be heard just as we are passing by.  The other thing we’d like to mention is that this works best with total strangers where you have no interest at all in what they are saying.  If they are talking about another person, listen carefully to whether or not they are complaining about that person, their mannerisms, their annoyances and the like. 


Compare all of what we just mentioned to how often it is that you happen to overhear people talking positively about another person, how fortunate they are to know them and what they like about them.  An astute listener will soon gather the evidence they need to discover why about 95 percent of the people in life don’t really succeed to any great degree.  When we focus on the negatives of other people, we invite more negativity into our lives, and when we do that- making a significant positive difference in the world is nearly impossible.


Now adjust this experiment slightly, go to different places and hear the differences in the conversations people have.  Go to the places that upscale, successful people go to and notice what people are saying there.  Compare that to a place like the post office or the grocery store.  Go to a nice neighborhood near you and take a walk around early in the morning when people are out jogging together.  Go to the executive offices of the company you work for or attend school at and note the positive/negative tenor of the conversations there.


Becoming a student of human behavior is one way of becoming better ourselves.  Remember, though, don’t judge people just the same.  Most people don’t think there is any reason to avoid complaining about other people, and are simply unaware of the damage they do to themselves in the process. They honestly don’t know better even though they’ve been taught from at least some well-meaning sources otherwise.  They just don’t understand the importance of this, but you do. 


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I learn from other people when I observe what they say and do?”


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