Daily Nugget of Gold 943

Daily Nugget of Gold 943


A Passion for Excellence


Success coach and trainer Anthony Robbins has a saying that he is very fond of, “Live with passion”.  In his audio series “Personal Power” he ends each of the many sessions with that phrase.  He obviously thinks a great deal of the sentiment.  With our session here we are going to be speaking to a related thought- having a “passion for excellence”.


Yes, it’s important to live with passion, and in fact it’s one of the things that differentiates whether or not a person has true impact with their lives.  Living with passion means that you do what you do with your heart and soul.  Passion can be expressed loudly or quietly, it’s a quality we bring to the table which says we are interested in what it is we do, and as we do it in a way that is uniquely our own, and as a bonus, we are also more interesting to others.


A passion for excellence is sort of like that, but instead of talking about putting our all into everything we do, we strive to do well in each thing we decide to engage in.  Yeah, it’s a really fine line, isn’t it?  Part of developing this passion for excellence is in the art of interactive observation.  When we see something that was done with excellence, whether it is the way our food was prepared in a restaurant, the friendliness of the clerk in the grocery store, a person who is meticulous about the way their lawn and shrubbery look or any one of a million other things done well- we should praise them for it. 


What if we are looking at a century’s old artwork?  How about a home built 200 years ago that was designed and built with pride?  What good does it do to praise the maker of such things when they’ve died a long time ago?  It turns out, it does a lot of good.  Whenever we praise goodness and feel blessed when we get a glimpse of someone else’s passion for great work, we also open the door to being able to perform better ourselves.  Observation, appreciation, and the blessing of excellence enlivens our own abilities and ignites to flame within ourselves to strive to do more, to be more, and to put a passion for excellence in what we do.  Doubt that?  Let’s ask this, then:  If we have no appreciation for excellence, why would we ever hope to have a passion for it?  What would be the point?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do right now to light a fire under myself to have a passion for excellence?”


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