Daily Nugget of Gold 944

Daily Nugget of Gold 944


Attribute Shifts


Often in circles of success literature, seminars, audio and video you’ll hear about attitude shifts and how selecting the right attitude makes all the difference- and it does, but we aren’t here to discuss that this time.  Today we’re going to talk about shifting our attributes.  We distinctly heard a sound when we said that, the sound of some minds closing shut.  Hear us out on this one.


Most folks think that if they have a cranky disposition, or if they are a morning person, or if they are mechanically inclined, that they are just that and there is nothing they can do about it.  People build up all sorts behavioral fortresses around those qualities they believe define who they are.  We said that correctly- that they themselves make themselves as they see fit to be.  There’s no changing them, because they are “married” to themselves, “ until death do they part”.


What we’d like to submit for your kind consideration is that this is just not they way it works.  We were born with free will.  Free will. Unencumbered, unshackled, unrestrained free will.  The only person who has the ultimate authority on what we are and what we are like, is us.  This is radical thinking, we know.  Even in success literature, very little is written about changing our accepted attributes, those things that are unique to us that make us as we are.  We only wish to point out that it’s possible. 


The attribute shifts we wish to adopt, to become a positive person, for instance, are at first attitude shifts but exercised again and again until slowly we grow into the mold we have created for ourselves.  Attributes are really habitual behavior which we have reinforced over and over again.  Bad habits or good habits, these behavior sets define us, but only because we allow it or desire it to be.  You may think that no one aspires to be a failure, or to have degenerative health habits but people wear all sorts of labels with pride.


If you decide to be a different person, to have a different outcome than you are currently experiencing, then by golly, do it!  There is one caveat, however- in order to be a different person in some important respect, you want to let a part of you die in the mix.  The part you cut yourself off from by deciding to be different is your declarative self who proclaimed you to be what you were.  You cannot change without letting go of what you grasped on to so firmly in the past.  After you do, however, you will be truly free to be as you wish to be. 


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


How can I exercise my freedom right now to do or be whom I want to be?”


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