Daily Nugget of Gold 946

Daily Nugget of Gold 946


Those Amazing Cell Phones


The other day we had taken our son to the doctor’s office.  Nothing unusual there, it was just a bad earache, something he needed some medication for.  Everything’s fine now, but the visit was an awakening for us.  Several people were in the waiting rooms, teens and parents mostly.  If this had been 20 years ago, however the scene would have been quite different from what we observed this time around.  As each new patient and their parent arrived, they signed in- that part was pretty much the same. What happened next, however, would be a huge shift from the past. Inevitably each person pulled out a smart phone and began fiddling with it.  Texting, chatting, surfing the web, playing a game- you name it.  Each person was focused on the little device in their hands.


Well, that was true of them, we still have “dumb phones” and we don’t often play with them, although our son is thinking of joining the crowd on this.  Anyhow, the scene of having multiple people in a waiting room playing around with their devices is indeed new- but not uncommon at all.  We spotted a sign at a dentists office saying that if you needed to use a cell phone, to politely step outside the office to do it.  Well, that sign is out of date already.  It’s generally accepted that people are going to use them wherever they go.  In those places where it really is a distraction, it’s still frowned upon to talk on them, but almost no one objects to silently texting or playing a game or surfing the web.


It’s truly amazing that these things can do so much.  No one would have dreamed that you could check on your house, for instance, through the use of a hand-held device.  No one really predicted that you could locate exactly where you were and where you wanted to go and have it lead you there.  Amazing.    We originally titled this one “The Loss of the Here and Now” but we never really got around to that so we changed the title and will cover that aspect of it in our next visit.  We don’t wish to be negative- in fact, we’re positive we don’t wish to be negative.  Just the same, we should probably devote some pixels to how our lives have changed and the gains and losses we will have concerning our technological advances.


Only about 10 years ago most of us thought the driving force of change would be our personal computers, but we guessed wrong.  The personal computer is already being widely replaced by hand held devices.  Who’da thunk that?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


“Am I giving up something important in order to stay connected all the time?”


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