Daily Nugget of Gold 947

Daily Nugget of Gold 947


The Loss of the Here and Now


Okay, after wandering deeper into the subject of how cell phones, and in particular, smart phones, have changed our lives, let’s talk discuss that other aspect of them of what most people rather willingly gave up to accommodate them in our lives.   As we said in our last session, we don’t wish to be negative but with everything positive that we enjoy also involves some sort of “price” in that we must “give up” something in order to have it.  Sometimes the trade off is easy.  Giving up being insulting to others is what we give up to see the good in other people, for example.  Giving up some time in front of the boob tube in order to build a business is another.  In these cases, the price is clearly worth it.


Our society has embraced smart phones and rather willingly given up what we need to give up in order to accommodate them.  One of the things we’ve given up is our money, the phones can be pricy, if not for the initial outlay- the monthly (and thus yearly) cost can be daunting.  Yet, we still willingly give that up in order to have all they offer.  The author himself isn’t actually too concerned about the monetary cost, we hold the belief that the supply of wealth in all forms is truly unlimited. Our time is another matter- we have only so much of that whether we are a millionaire or a pauper.  Since time is limited, our time with our family, our friends, and with each other is, too.


One can make a valid argument that smart phones actually increase the time we have to spend with the people we love, and that’s true in a lot of respects. One might also point out that when we are with someone we love and the device hums as the latest tweet gets posted by a friend that our attention is drawn away.  As a customer in a store, we might find ourselves annoyed sometimes by the lack of attention a clerk- or even the owner of a business has for us as we transact business, all because they are busy talking with another person on their phone. What does that say about how much they value our business?  Notice, if you will, the rarity of such occurrences at a chain of a fast food restaurants.  These places watch the bottom line carefully and they don’t want cell phones to ruin their business.


All in all, the technological advances we’ve made have been wonderful and meaningful. “All things in moderation” is a popular proverb.  We reckon so.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What am I willing to free myself of in order to have what I desire?”


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