Daily Nugget of Gold 948

Daily Nugget of Gold 948




If our life is to have impact on a large scale, whether in business, charity work, or anything else- it will involve the contributions of other people. There is only so much we can do on our own.  There is only so far we can reach without help from others so learning how to extend our reach beyond our own physical presence is a major key in obtaining the results we desire, wouldn’t you agree?


People won’t work for “nothing”- at least not very long.  The good news is that you have an unlimited supply of some of the things people will work for, and what you don’t have in your possession right now, you can find within your grasp, you might find it in the possession of other people, or you can create it.  You probably guessed by now that we aren’t limiting ourselves to the idea of financial compensation. Some folks would say right at this point, “Dream on” and we actually will take that to heart.  We most certainly intend to dream, for all great things we can create have their start in that form. That’s a subject for another day, however- today we are conversing with you about the role of recognition in achieving worthy goals.


Art Williams built a movement in the insurance industry in part on the idea that people will work harder to win a T shirt in front of their peers than they will for the financial compensation that followed.  He recognized that recognition is what we humans crave more than anything else, and that we are normally so starved for a little of it that it can ignite the passion lying dormant in our hearts to get through the crud we need to face in order to obtain the positive results we desire.


If it is your desire to do something significant and lasting with your life, enlisting the help of other people will be essential.  You have the ability to reward people mightily with recognition, for this is something that we don’t ever diminish the supply of as we use it.  In fact, the more we do it, the more creative and inventive we get in finding other ways to do it.  By using recognition to reward people, we literally are pulling it out of an ever-expanding ocean of supply.  One of the so-called secrets of wealth building is that indeed, all forms of wealth work in like manner.  See if you can figure out how that might work in your own life.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


How can I get better at recognizing the contribution of others?”


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