Daily Nugget of Gold 960


Daily Nugget of Gold 960


Our Senses Fooled


How do we come to the decision of what’s real in our lives and what is fantasy?  This is a very important question because if we are basing our actions on what it is we believe to be effective in accomplishing anything, it seems that knowing the difference between what is real and what is an illusion is of paramount importance.


A while ago we covered the topic of how our senses are fooled by the appearance of all the objects in our world into believing that they are solid even though everything is made up of atoms which are mostly comprised of empty space.  Still, things do seem to be real to us, as we ourselves do- and since most of us lack any other way of perceiving ourselves and everything in our world, the conclusion that we usually draw is that we are witnessing reality.


It may be very difficult to relate to the world of the very tiny, however, even though everything including ourselves owe our existence to this realm. Logically we can conceptualize it, but emotionally- we don’t fully grasp this.  We were thinking of a couple of other ways we could demonstrate how easily our senses are fooled, and we thought of motion pictures and digitized music.  Motion pictures are a series of still photographs which are presented to us rapidly which fools our brains into thinking that what we see is actually moving, or in other words, real.  Of course, we know logically this is not the case, but movies can powerfully drive our emotions with compelling story lines and the like and we are drawn into them in a heady emotional sense just the same.


The same response happens when we listen to digitized music.  While the music is made up of these tiny parts, ones and zeros- on or off- in rapid succession, we hear it as music.  Again, going above a certain speed in recreating it convinces us that we hear something which has been so highly processed that it could be transmitted via radio waves or read from a computer program or disk. 


We submit to you for your kind consideration and attention that a closer examination of what we believe to be real might be in order.  It is our belief that there must be some deeper meaning to all of what life is about than what meets the eye- or even the rest of our senses combined.  What is that meaning?  Perhaps we could begin by deeply contemplating some great questions:  Who are we?  Where did we come from?  Where are we going? What shall we do? 


You may have noticed that at least in this physical life, we don’t have an unlimited amount of time to work on this.  Sometimes, some of us have far less time than we think we have, too.  Let’s get busy on it.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What is reality?”

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