Daily Nugget of Gold 961

Daily Nugget of Gold 961


This Journey With You


We are so blessed.  Your author is on this incredible, awesome journey.  We used to think about the concept of “revelation” as being a burst of information consumed at one sitting, but as we move closer and closer to understanding enlightenment and it’s implications, we are growing more and more excited at the prospect of not only witnessing this unfolding for ourselves, but also for having the wonderful blessing of being able to share what we see and experience.


It’s neat to have the goodies in life.  The prospect of having more and better things seems to be a great tool to help people with their own journey for there is something in it for them that they can relate to as a means of getting started.  For us, the blessing of having that very kind of start was a great gift.  Of course, the true meaning of life and this physical experience runs far deeper than that.  We always sort-of knew this, even though we until recently only gave that a nod rather than fully comprehended that the non-physical was by far that most realistic and worthy pursuits of development.  Can you relate to that?  Don’t worry if you can’t.  It only takes a spark to get a fire started, and this fire within yourself which will drive you to true enlightenment can be started in many different ways.  Creature comforts might be what does it for you, what starts you down this road.


Your author is a baby in all of this.  Our eyes are wide open in wonder, we are truly and lovingly blessed not only by what we see, have, and are but also in the generosity we’ve been shown in that we get to take you along for this journey as The Light is revealed bit by bit to us.  Together, hand in hand, we get to  point to what we see and excitedly exclaim, “Wow!  Would you look at that?!! Do you see it?!!  That’s fantastic!!!” and through it all, we get to learn as much from you or maybe even more along the way.


It’s with a deep sense of gratitude that we arise each day and put our sneakers on and run out into the world seeing what comes next.  It’s as when we were a small boy and the dawn of the day brought a fresh opportunity to go out and play outside.  The playing never gets old, the thirst for knowledge never is quenched, and the warm-fuzzy experience we have sharing this all with you gets better and better as each moment passes.  Thank you for the gift of your ears and the greater gifts of your thoughts, prayers, and rich blessings.  Without someone to accompany us and discover together what enlightenment is and what greater contributions we ourselves can make, it seems to us that the rest of it might be pretty meaningless.  What do you think?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What is enlightenment and how shall I gain it?


Copyright 2013 Kevin Littleton, all rights reserved.

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