Daily Nugget of Gold 962

Daily Nugget of Gold 962


Tom Campbell and his Big TOE


Okay, since when did we lower ourselves to talking about the anatomy of some guy most of us have never heard of?  Well, we aren’t doing it.  Tom Campbell isn’t just some guy and his big TOE isn’t part of his anatomy, it’s his “Theory of Everything”.  Tom is the kind of guy who is very relaxed and comfortable with whom he is and with his scientific opinions.  He encourages people to go and find his work free on the internet and read it there, rather than purchase his publications. He also encourages people to be open minded skeptics and not just believe what he says.  While Tom isn’t the only person putting forth the conclusions he’s come to, his unassuming approach to things might induce some people to not take him seriously.  That would be a mistake.


We’re not going to divulge much about what Tom’s “TOE” is here, it doesn’t translate well to this short format- after all, he’s written a trilogy of books about it.  We can give you the headlines, but if you want a “slightly” deeper picture of what this theory is all about, Tom is on YouTube and if you look up “Tom Campbell London” there you’ll get the short version, a bit under 3 hours- or “Tom Campbell Calgary” you’ll get a somewhat more detailed picture, about 6 hours. Obviously, theories that cover everything need some explaining, and Tom is kind enough to explain the radical ideas he has as to what reality is as far as he can tell.


Tom takes on both Classical Physics and Quantum Mechanics and includes them both in his larger paradigm.  Tom’s background includes work for NASA in risk analysis for space mission components and systems so he’s not just some guy off the street.  So what is the short version of Tom’s ideas in the area of what reality is?  Tom believes “that reality is information.  That consciousness, a digital information field, is fundamental and all else is virtual, that we individuated units of consciousness interact with in a virtual consciousness-evolution trainer that we call our physical universe. That our purpose here is to evolve the quality of our consciousness thus facilitating the evolution of ourselves as well as the larger consciousness system of which we are all a part.”*


We’re not introducing Mr. Campbell at this point because we have heard all that he has to say on the subject or read his entire body of work, let alone grasp it all with our understanding.  We are committed to taking this journey of learning about what life is all about with you, and wanted to give you a head’s up on where we are going and why.  We do know this, though, we really want to take what this brilliant and thoughtful scientist has to say seriously or we may totally miss the boat on a deeper understanding.  From the current “mainstream science” point of view, the opinions of Tom Campbell are somewhat intriguing but radically different than what we currently believe is true.  We have a feeling that eventually their own experimental evidence will convince most of them, too.  Eventually.  Most of them. 


On the web: http://www.my-big-toe.com (And look for him on YouTube as suggested above.)


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What proof do I have that the reality I accept as real is a genuine, objective reality?”

*The above quote is from Tom himself as we had taken the liberty of forwarding this piece for his review before publishing it.  Don’t be fearful if it seems to be a little hard to understand, we have always thought that OUR role here is to help explain the deep stuff so that the lay people can get it and use it.  We promise to study hard so that we can do that! 🙂


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