Daily Nugget of Gold 963

Daily Nugget of Gold 963


Virtual Implications


In our last meeting, we introduced Tom Campbell and his Theory of Everything to our readers.  Odds are you haven’t heard of Tom before that, but over time you probably will hear more about him.  The kind of well thought-out reasoning he brings to the table cannot long be ignored.


Let’s launch right into some implications that become apparent if Tom is correct or mostly correct with his theory.


Here’s a biggie:  That what we see as objective reality as we have come to embrace it is not what it seems to be.  The latest experiments which have puzzled and baffled scientists in the area of attempting to discern why the very small seem to behave either as a particle or as a wave depending on the circumstances around whether they have been witnessed by an observer have led them to attempt to ignore the some of the data in these experiments rather than incorporate them into this physical reality most of us believe is real because they don’t fit in with that.  In other words- things are not as they seem.  Now the scientists already knew that to an extent because although our reality seems solid and definable by Newton’s laws of motion, they’ve believed for some time that things are actually made up of tiny building blocks called atoms.  It seems that the mistake they made was in assuming that those atoms were solid.


Here’s another thing to consider: If objective reality doesn’t actually exist as we had thought it did, then it opens the door for thought to play a much larger role in the outcome of our conditions, events, and results.  This is not exactly a new idea, we’ve been aware of many anecdotal accounts of this by the most successful among us, by Spiritual leaders, and by people who have made a study of such things.  What’s interesting is that these things were lately thought to be “outside science” but it seems that the truth probably is nearer the idea that the scientific community itself may have sidestepped science in the conclusion that everything was physical in nature.


One last one for now:  If we are indeed living in a virtual reality, how did it get created?  Who created it and why, if someone did indeed create it?  We leave you with the great questions of life once again.  “Who are we?  Where did we come from?  What shall we do?  Where will we go from here?”  Let’s meditate on that for a while.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


“If the objects in our reality turn out to be only virtual objects, what does that mean for me?”


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