Daily Nugget of Gold 964

Daily Nugget of Gold 964


Money Beliefs Revisited


A long while ago we covered this topic, but from time to time it’s not only good to review important topics, it’s even more helpful to share new things we might have picked up since then.  Master life coach Anthony Robbins puts it very bluntly when he says that the only reason we don’t have enough money circulating in our lives is because we are repelling with our beliefs.  He’s not talking about our belief or non-belief in God or the Divine, he is referring specifically to our beliefs about money and wealth, and we have a lot of them.  Most of the beliefs we have are hugely counter-productive and keep us effectively locked into a struggle to get by.  Life is meant to be abundant, and it can indeed be if we are only willing to dispose of some of our accepted “norms” as it comes to having more.  Let’s start with a few of the most constrictive beliefs about money we have:


You have to work hard for money.  If you think or even have an inkling that this is true, let’s talk.  There are many ways to receive money which have nothing to do with work in any sense of the word.  Can you think of some honest ways that you have received money when you didn’t actually work for it directly?  Let’s help you along.  Have you ever received a gift of money?  Have you ever won an award or prize?  How about received a grant?  Scholarship?  Inheritance?  Interest? Investment income?  Capital gains?  Bonus for an idea?  Found money on the sidewalk?  We could fill the page with ways money can come into our lives without working for it, let alone- work hard for it.  Bob Proctor says that working for money is the worst thing we could do.  He says we should work for the satisfaction of it, not because we are trying to get money.  That’s one of the keys to designing a life!  It’s also helpful to note that people who do put their heart and soul into what they do when they work, doing what they love to do, typically earn more than those who slave away at a job they hate.


Want a better believe than the one above?  How about “Money comes easily and frequently for me” or maybe, “I never limit myself to receiving money only from work”.  Your subconscious mind takes what you tell yourself over and over again- whether spoken or in your thoughts and translates it into your reality.  Why would you ever want your reality to be, “I have to work hard for money.”?


Another, Money is the root of all evil is considered a Biblical truth by many.  It’s not what The Bible says about it though.  It says, “The love of money is the root of all evil”  If you are inclined to think that money is evil, then you will make it flee from you because deep down you don’t want to be evil.  If you love money to the exclusion of the good you can do with it for your family and others, it will indeed warp you and hurt you in the long run.  Money is not evil.  Money came in many forms over time.  People have used salt for money, sheep, various metals, coins, paper, and abstract numbers to name a few.  Are these things evil? How about this for a belief instead, “I love the good I can do for my family and others when money flows freely into my life.”


We’ve only scratched the surface here, we’ll continue in the next segment of our journey through life.  Until then, take the question of the day to heart and do it.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What are my beliefs about money and do they limit it in my life or empower me to have more?”


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