Daily Nugget of Gold 965

Daily Nugget of Gold 965


More Dis-empowering Beliefs About Money


It seems there is little doubt about it, our beliefs end up creating our reality.  We hit upon just two of the beliefs that most of us hold about money which can make having enough of it much more difficult than need be.  Let’s look at some more, shall we?


Have you ever said, “I can’t afford it” when talking about some item you’d like to purchase?  While the act of saying or even thinking that is not a belief, it does expose the fact that a belief is there which states, “I don’t have enough money for what I want to purchase” or simply, “There’s not enough money”.  These beliefs are destructive because they are based on a false premise, that is- that the supply of money is limited somehow.  Money, if you’ll think about it, is just a method of exchange of value.  Since value can be created in infinite quantity, it is not limited in any way. 


We saw a potato chip bag recently that declared that the person who thought of the flavor of the chip inside was the winner of a one million dollar prize (What flavor? Cheesy Garlic Bread- really now- it was THAT easy).  Did the winner have to make chips in that flavor and send them in?  We don’t think the contest worked that way.  The person likely just submitted the idea of the flavor and was chosen among those entries submitted to receive the prize. This also deals a death-blow to the idea that you have to work hard for money, doesn’t it?  If there are exceptions to “the rule” then the rule doesn’t actually exist, does it?


Money corrupts” is another belief that is harmful to our financial lives.  If we hold that belief, we will look for examples of it and sure enough we find them, don’t we?  That’s only because we tuned into them by holding the belief, however.  If we instead think of how money is a wonderful tool which can help people who need help, we’d find ourselves tuning into an entirely different reality. 


Money doesn’t grow on trees” is another dumb saying which both exposes that value is limited in how it can be created.  Apples, peaches, pears, walnuts, pecans, and cashews all grow on trees and if you have some of these, then perhaps you have foodstuffs for which you need do little more than gather them up to use- and that value is exchangeable if you wish to use it that way, meaning you can sell the rights to harvest it to someone else or even harvest it yourself and sell it, if you like.  Ideas don’t grow on trees, but ideas can be sold as well.  See that?  You don’t even need a tree!


Filthy Money” is an expression which exposes our belief that money is either physically dirty or morally impure.  Neither is really true.  If you have an aversion to physical money, feel free to send us whatever dirty, germ-infested money you have lying around.  The silliness of this notion is exposed in that it’s entirely possible to send, receive, spend, earn, have, create, and save money without actually even touching it in physical form.  Ever.  Let’s really start thinking about the limiting beliefs we have about money and remove them. Let’s create better phrases which invite money into our lives instead and we’ll get rid of many of the money troubles that plague so many of us.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What are all the limiting beliefs I have about money and what is a better belief to have instead?”


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