Daily Nugget of Gold 966

Daily Nugget of Gold 966


With My Luck…


We’ve spent the last couple of days talking about some of the dis-empowering beliefs we have about money.  We hope that we helped to expose some of the underlying beliefs which may have been hindering you in the past so that you can substitute a better paradigm in which to dwell.  Let’s expand our thinking in this session to deal with our overall picture of ourselves, not just the financial end.  One of the things we’ve come to accept as true is that every time we make a definitive statement, we are helping to form the very reality of which we are commenting about.  Let’s look at a couple of these now, shall we?


With my luck…” fill in the blank.  Usually, this is used as a negative statement and your author is quite guilty of voicing this one.  We avoid it now, but you know… habits can be….(There we go again!) It takes effort, especially since even if we verbally stop, our mind continues the thought in our heads.  Not a good way of dealing with it.  An affirmative, substitute statement must be made and felt in order to counter the ill effects of the negative thought or statement.  Often times, people make these self-deprecating statements as a way of avoiding boasting or to fit in with the crowd. The crowd, mind you, isn’t actively working on being more successful in life- but you are.  Stop trying to fit in if your goal is to stand out, we say with a big ol’ belly laugh!


I’m not…” Wealthy?  Very creative?  Good at this?  These “I’m not” statements and there are millions of them- (LOL, if you’re creative- you can think of lots of them!) are destructive because nearly every one of them is limiting if accepted and the more often we way them and feel them, the more limiting they become.


I’m feeling…….today” Depressed?  Down?  Tired?  You could instead shoot your fists in the air and declare, “I’m alive!  I’m awake!  And I feel great!” or “I’m happy!  I’m healthy!  I’m getting better every day!” but then, that would be embarrassing to do, wouldn’t it?  Remember, Earl Nightingale said that the opposite of success is conformity.  Be tired, be depressed, be sick- – most of those around you are, too.  You can wallow in the misery together. But– we thought you wanted to be different… we thought you desired to be successful…and you know, by definition being successful means that you give up being a failure.  Some people would rather be a failure and fit in than be a success and stand out.  Is that you?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I tell myself to create more success in my life?”


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