Daily Nugget of Gold 967

Daily Nugget of Gold 967


Of the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of


We mentioned in a couple of our sessions lately that we have started studying the work of Tom Campbell, in particular- My Big TOE – or his “Theory of Everything” and that Tom’s theory was that we live in a holographic universe.  One of the more interesting aspects of this idea is where it puts dreams as compared to what we commonly call “reality”. 


Normally, we think of dreams as either somewhat based on reality, but fantasy in that we have magical powers, the capability to do unusual or extraordinary things we normally could not do when we are awake, and can have bad situations happen to us which don’t actually cause physical harm.  Sometimes the dreams are funny to us when we dream, but we wake up and think, “Oh, that was just a dream”.  Other times we need to wake up before we realize that the dream seemed to be nonsensical, funny, or otherwise amusing.


If our waking reality is holographic in nature, and science seems to be confirming that this is the case- what about dreams- that altered reality in which such strange things happen?  Tom puts forth that dreams aren’t any less of a reality than our waking moments are- they are just a different reality with different- clearly different- rules.  Sometimes the two realities tie together, it’s amazing how we can wake up in a cold sweat over a dream,  and be feeling like we are running only to find our heart pumping wildly as if we were, when we snap back into our day mode.  Perhaps this explains heart attacks while sleeping.


We have decided to do some research into dreams.  If you would be so kind to help us out on this- we are mainly interested in the percentage of the time you are having one type of dream or another, although you can feel free to elaborate, add types, or let us know you hardly ever if ever- remember your dreams.


Please help out by letting us know- replying back to this Nugget by email if you subscribe, or contacting us at SuccessManiac@Live.com if you don’t.  What percentage of the time are your dreams problem solving focused?  Silly or nonsensical?  Terrifying?  Sexual?  Where you have special powers?  Strange or weird?  Or other?  Don’t be afraid if the numbers don’t all add up to exactly 100%, so much of this is guess work anyhow.  Feel free to comment on any of the kinds of dreams where the categories overlap or on anything else you think would be helpful to our having a better understanding of this alternate reality it seems we all visit- whether we remember it or not.  Thank you in advance for your help!


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What importance do I place on the dreams I have?”


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