Daily Nugget of Gold 982

Daily Nugget of Gold 982


So, You’ve Begun


Now what?  If you have decided to have your intent matter, and you’ve begun in earnest to shape your world with your thoughts, good.  Amit Goswami points out that in order to do so we need to be in a “non-ordinary place”. What place is that he refers to?  The meditative state.  This can be found in many ways.  Some people pray for what they wish, others quietly visualize it in a relaxed state, imagining themselves emotionally enjoying the benefits of it, still others meditate using a mantra or image which fills the mind until they are in tune with a Greater mind.


Keep focused solely on what you want as you send your intentions out.  If you dwell on what you don’t want, then what happens is that this thing gets delivered to you because of that focus.  Remember that words of negation have no impact.  If you want to get out of debt and think about getting out of debt, you’ll stay in debt forever.  You attract debt with thoughts having anything to do with debt, instead- focus on prosperity and abundance.  Prosperity will allow you to wipe out the debt, won’t it?  Abundance means you have enough to pay all that off and then some.  Isn’t that what you truly want, anyhow?


Keep track!  Treat this like a science experiment, because it is!  Your actualized results, positive or negative, are a clue as to how you did.  Don’t ignore them.  Unless you make notes about what you did, how you did it, and what the various outcomes were it’s unlikely that you’ll see opportunities for improvement, and even more dangerous- you’ll soon forget why you started on this and give up.


Strive to reach deeper states of meditation.  If you use prayer, try to keep well focused on the positive results you seek and why.  The single most important thing we can achieve with something like this is progress. Any and all advances we make towards the goal of having a viable say in the outcomes we produce are noteworthy.  The reason most people fail to do this is not because they can’t, it’s because they believe that they can’t because the little tiny changes we can make are so subtle. 


The changes we can cause in our subconscious minds are well documented and real.  The focusing of intent is being shown more and more to have a scientific basis as well.  All of that won’t matter a hill of beans unless you decide to get in on this thing.  Make it happen!  What have you got to lose?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do right now with my thoughts to begin changing my future for the better?”


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