Daily Nugget of Gold 983

Daily Nugget of Gold 983


The Trolls


Early on in our familiarizing ourselves with matters on the internet, we learned a valuable lesson.  Perhaps you did, too.  In fact- if you spend any time at all chatting in forums or even on venues such as Facebook- you may have come to the same conclusions we did.  In the world of cyberspace, it’s extremely easy to vent someone’s true feelings without much in the way of consequences.  If they sullied the reputation of an online username, they could simply create another. This possibility allows for a much more unregulated behavior norms than in our physical reality world- and also allowed for the blossoming of characters known collectively as “trolls”.


What’s a troll in internet lingo?  Sometimes it’s someone who just loves arguing over trivial matters, often it’s a person who is more addicted to the fun of causing disruption and uncivilized chaos.  Many times trolls will use multiple characters at the same time to manipulate conversations, increase sympathy for some made up difficulty- often medical or relationship based.  Some trolls wish to inflict real-life harm on people, just for fun.  In short- trolls are not being very nice, are they?


An expression developed in chat rooms by people who began to catch onto the game here, and it’s relatively simple advice, “Don’t feed the trolls”.  “Troll food” is becoming emotionally invested in either the argument at hand, assuming it’s more important than being civil and caring about another person’s point of view.  Troll food is also allowing yourself to be hooked by some storyline that a troll with all the various aliases they use to toy with the emotions to reel in unsuspecting folks into the trap.  Trolls exist only because of the energy (attention) we give them, but it’s nearly impossible to weed them out because in a crowd of genuine people, trolls blend in so well- especially with multiple identities.


It’s a good rule of thumb, in any case, not to feed demons of any nature.  The demons are also the negative thoughts in our own minds, suspicions we have of other people, jealousy and envy, worries and fears.  Demons thrive on attention, but ignoring them helps to make them all but go away; but not completely- for if they did, we would be left with a pretty boring existence, wouldn’t we?  We want to be aware of what we are doing when we do it, and being aware of negative thoughts and feeling bad is the first clue that we aren’t focused on empowerment and positive, constructive thoughts.  “Don’t feed the trolls”…good advice, we think.  What do you think?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


Am I causing harm to myself by concentrating my own thoughts on negative things?”


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