Daily Nugget of Gold 984

Daily Nugget of Gold 984


Doing What’s Right


One of the interesting things about people is we all have this built-in sense of right and wrong.  When we act, we may counter it, of course- that’s where free will comes in.  Just the same, underscoring every action we take we either feel that what we did was right, nice, moral, and just- or we feel the opposite.  This feeling doesn’t seem to weigh all that heavily on many of us.  If the grocery store makes an error in someone’s favor of a dollar, let’s say- and they don’t discover it until they get home, they may just smile or shrug it off and keep it. That may not be true of everyone, although almost everyone wants other people to believe they are so honest they would return it. Many, if given the chance, would simply keep it.


What about people who always steal, provided a chance arises?  Look at these shows on TV about “bait cars” where the police set up a car with the keys left in it and just wait for what seems like mostly only a minute or two for someone to come along and steal it?  Then when the crook(s) are in the car and driving, the police shut it off and lock the doors by remote control so they can capture them.  What about these folks getting caught?  Why is it they seemingly completely ignore that inner voice telling them not to?  Maybe it’s because they’ve stuffed that voice so deeply into their subconscious that the only voice they are concerned about is the, “What if you get caught” voice?  Who knows, but still- even when they try and hide the fact that they did something wrong, they know it was wrong.  One thing’s for sure, if they owned a car, they wouldn’t want it to be stolen, true?


The average thief thinks very little on the topic of what their own subconscious mind does when it witnesses the actions they take which harm other people. They may get a thrill out of “getting away with it” but the thrill is short lived in that a subconscious mind focused on stealing invites people to steal from them in return.  Whatever they think about they bring about.  Further, that underlying feeling they have of what’s right and what’s wrong will repel blessings as they come their way- they’ll actually believe on a subconscious level that they don’t deserve them.  They won’t appreciate them and in fact, they’ll be suspicions of blessings when they come.


One of the biggest misconceptions of the dishonest people is this: “Everybody does it.”  That’s simply not true, but as some are immersed in immoral behavior, they’ll never know anything different because, one- they are seeking validation for themselves, and two- they stop recognizing loving kindness for what it is.  Something to think about.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


Since I feel best about myself when I do good for others, why don’t I do that more often?”


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