Daily Nugget of Gold 985

Daily Nugget of Gold 985


Shortness of Breadth


No, that’s not a misprint, just a clever pun, or at least we think so!  So what’s the occasion for this play on words?  We’re glad you asked!  It seems to us that America (and probably the entire world) is growing increasingly impatient with their communication habits.  What we want to address here and now is the evolution of human thought into the tiny soundbite.  It used to be we would accuse television news of loving the soundbite, that is- the one or two sentences at most said by someone which helped to illustrate a story.  That person might have talked for an hour, but in the world of TV news, 10 or 20 seconds is all you get.  Maybe the news people were to blame, but then again, who was willing to watch them?


Mobile devices, cellphones, tablets, etc., have overtaken the personal computer in internet traffic.  They are small, their screen is small, and so the information that they contain if it’s in the form of the printed word is, well- you guessed it, is small.  Texting, Tweeting, Instant Messaging, are all more suitable to the pocket sized devices than long conversations or thoughts in the context of a larger, more complete literary picture.   What we’ve done to language to speed up our communication is nothing short of breathtaking, too.  Letters substitute for words, acronyms for sentences- you almost need to learn a new language- but not the kids.  They grew up speaking it, “LOL”, and when they need to grab a bite to eat, they’ll “BRB”.


As you are nearby when people are chatting on their cellphones, does it seem to you that most people use them to “stay in touch with friends and loved ones” or is it more along the lines of keeping up with the latest gossip, complaining about others, and the like?  The typical family of four often spends a fairly significant amount of their income on these devices and service plans, sometimes more than a car payment would be.  Have these devices advanced their standard of living or have they dragged it down?  More importantly, have people truly becoming more productive, better educated, and more spiritual as these devices begin to take over?  What do you think?


We think that technology is wonderful and can be extremely helpful in many ways.  It is simply amazing how much more we can do with such devices, and it seems to us that what’s alarming is how fast, lightning-fast, we are moving into a far more productive way of frittering away our time instead.  Some people were aghast at how much time people wasted in front of the TV, the “boob tube”.  Now it seems we never be away from such diversion.  Let’s preserve loving kindness as we become more technologically advanced, shall we? That would be a nice step in the right direction, don’t you agree?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to grow as an individual as technology blossoms?”


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